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Employee Experience: Learn from your employees

Employee Experience: Learn from your employees

Employee Experience-surveys looks at everything that employees experience at work and is a major factor in the engagement and happiness of your workforce. Competition to retain and attract the best talent is fierce. Make it possible to stay ahead of the curve with feedback.

Netigate gives you the tools you need to listen to your employees at every step of their journey. Onboarding, yearly, pulse, and exit surveys are just a selection of the solutions available to you. It has never been easier to see through the eyes of your employees. 


Feedback when it matters the most

Set your benchmark with yearly EX surveys

Use our recommended template or create your own yearly employee survey. Great for setting benchmarks to measure yourself against and use a starting point for actions plans.

Keep the dialogue going with pulse surveys

Create individual surveys at various points during the year or collect all your pulse data in one master survey. Pulse surveys keep you in close and regular contact with your employees, allowing you to nurture a more engaged workforce. It also gives you a chance to explore a certain area of focus more specifically.

Manual surveys on demand

Need some quick feedback, or want to follow up on a company-wide initiative? Netigate makes it easy to collect feedback from the entire organisation— or individual teams— as and when you need to.

We also have the option to create manager evaluations in the 360 degree feedback format.

Onboarding and exit surveys

Are your onboarding processes up to scratch? And are you learning everything you can from the employees who leave? We’ve got the tools and the templates to help you find out.


"Netigate enables us to share direct insights with our key stakeholders immediately, thus enabling action planning to commence without delay"

Rob Walden
Head of HR Analytics


A feedback solution for every aspect of the employee journey

Employee Engagement with eNPS

Netigate’s employee engagement survey with Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) lets you measure your staff’s engagement quickly and easily.

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360 Degree Feedback

The first step to improving as a leader is to be open to feedback. Without knowing your strengths and weaknesses, it's hard to know what you need to improve and what you’re already doing well.

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Employee Satisfaction

Satisfied employees are more motivated and engaged. An employee satisfaction survey will deliver clear and actionable feedback to help you develop a culture of progress and improvement in your business.

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Onboarding Surveys

Making every new employee’s first weeks as good as possible is important for employee satisfaction and to get them up and running as quickly as possible.

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Employee Exit Interviews

Learning why some employees leave is critical for understanding how to make others stay. Exit interviews guide you in what needs to be improved in order to retain your best talent.

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