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Dedicated teams put customers first

Netigate have a strategic way of working with customers that drives communication, problem-solving and progress. How do they do it? The secret is in dedicated, mixed-expertise teams. The customer’s journey

Burnout? How to address it in time.

Often triggered by extreme pressure, burnout is far from simply a buzz word for stress. Burnout is associated with symptoms such as exhaustion, depression, and the inability to cope with

Your online shop is losing money!

You didn’t know? … Well, keep calm. You just got one step closer to solving the problem. Let’s start with the good news: There are more business opportunities available than


How many questions are too many?

When facing the next survey, many don’t take the time to consider: What is the best setup for my questionnaire? To many of us, surveys appear to be somewhat of


What makes a good leader in 2018?

There is probably as many different definitions of leadership as there are companies out there. Although a management position is an aspired goal for many, sitting in the driver’s seat