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Burnout? How to address it in time.

Often triggered by extreme pressure, burnout is far from simply a buzz word for stress. Burnout is associated with symptoms such as exhaustion, depression, and the inability to cope with

Your online shop is losing money!

You didn’t know? … Well, keep calm. You just got one step closer to solving the problem. Let’s start with the good news: There are more business opportunities available than


How many questions are too many?

When facing the next survey, many don’t take the time to consider: What is the best setup for my questionnaire? To many of us, surveys appear to be somewhat of


What makes a good leader in 2018?

There is probably as many different definitions of leadership as there are companies out there. Although a management position is an aspired goal for many, sitting in the driver’s seat


5 keys to improving survey response rates

Have you ever wondered who actually answers surveys? Today, surveys seem to lurk in every corner, waiting to discover preferences, satisfaction, awareness… We are living in a world that needs


A simple guide to using pulse surveys

More and more companies are adopting pulse surveys within their organisations. Pulse surveys are designed to measure employee satisfaction and engagement levels. In fact, many companies are implementing employee engagement