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Isak Lysfoss Gunnerfeldt
Isak Lysfoss Gunnerfeldt
Digital Marketer
IndustryTravel & Tourism

About Grönklittsgruppen

Grönklittsgruppen is a Swedish company that operates in the tourism industry. Their three main areas of activity are camping, skiing, and theme parks. Families with children form their key target market, with engaging activities being central to the customer experience. Grönklittsgruppen offers experiences and leisure activities for the active guest, all year round.

A focus on customer experience

The company’s goal is to offer customers a world-class experience, regardless of whether they visit a ski resort, camping site, or theme park. To do that, they need to understand what makes visitors happy an identify any areas for improvement.

An important factor in understanding what customers think is to ask them for feedback. By actively working with customer surveys, Grönklittsgruppen can clearly see what works well and what might not. Managers continuously use the Netigate tool during the season to evaluate customer satisfaction. At the end of each year, the results are compiled for further analysis. This allows Grönklittsgruppen to actively work on strengthening what makes customers happy and ensure that it improves what makes them less satisfied.

Grönklittsgruppen We can easily gather feedback from our customers with Netigate. This helps us ensure that we are focusing on the right things.

-Isak Lysfoss Gunnerfeldt, Digital marketer, Grönklittsgruppen


Putting the data to use

Netigate’s various customer feedback solutions provide Grönklittsgruppen with data and reports to use as a basis for, among other things, decision-making processes. Businesses may have an idea of what customers think, but with Netigate’s reports the company can act on insights from data, as opposed to just gut feelings. The surveys also give them new information from their customers that would otherwise have been difficult to obtain.

You usually have an idea of ​​what people think, but by conducting customer surveys, we have a good foundation on which to base our decision-making processes. 

What I like best about Netigate is that the tool is easy to use while being complex. It is easy to get an analysis of the results and go in depth on specific issues. It is simply the best tool I have used for customer surveys!

-Isak Lysfoss Gunnerfeldt, Digital marketer, Grönklittsgruppen

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