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Keystone Education Group

Liza Andersin
Liza Andersin
HR manager
CompanyEducations Media Group operates worldwide and is the market leader in education search.
IndustryEducation, Research & Development

About Keystone Education Group

Keystone Education Group operates worldwide and is the market leader when it comes to education search. Their various marketplaces enable people of all ages to find, compare, and choose the right education. Keystone Education Group (KEG) works with providers of vocational education, student education, and leisure courses.

How KEG are using Netigate

Keystone Education Group has been a Netigate customer since 2016. With the help of the platform, they can create surveys themselves, analyse results, and create comprehensive reports ready to act on. Among other things, they have used the platform to send out surveys to customers, suppliers, and employees. This has provided them with important insights when it comes to product development, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

I would absolutely recommend Netigate. The platform is user-friendly and the possibilities are basically endless. We get exactly what we are looking for as an organisation. When we need additional help with the analysis of reports, we get professional help from Netigate’s experts.

Education Media Group Liza Andersin, HR manager

Nowadays, KEG primarily uses the platform to conduct various types of employee surveys, where they measure employee engagement and motivation, among other things.

Quarterly employee surveys

Since 2016, KEG sends out a survey to employees every quarter, which they call ‘quarterly feedback’. The survey focuses on a few key points where they measure motivation, eNPS, the experience of the team, and questions connected to one’s direct manager, among other things. In the survey they ask a simple question: “How motivated are you in your role?”. Since they have measured this over a longer period of time and specifically at team level, they can easily track how motivation changes over time.

KEG also use the results as a basis for quarterly feedback conversations with managers. During these conversations, HR reviews overall results for each team when it comes to motivation, leadership, and eNPS. By asking employees for feedback, they can clearly see if there are specific challenges in a certain area and what needs to be done to increase motivation in a team, for instance.

The surveys give us a good base to work with. In our conversations with managers, we can talk about any problems and find tools to solve them. Because we continuously send out surveys, we can clearly see how the efforts we make affect the results over time.

Liza Andersin, HR manager

The HR department also presents the results to the management team, where they look at general trends and then decide whether something needs to be improved in the organisation. The results from the employee surveys thus provide KEG with data to use for decision-making in the organisation on the basis of the employees’ voices and feedback.

KEG also conducts an annual employee survey via Netigate. This focuses more on the physical and psychological work environment and is used, among other things, as a basis for setting up KPIs. The HR department’s work is often directly based on the responses from the surveys sent out via Netigate.

Follow-up during COVID-19

When the corona pandemic hit, Keystone Education Group chose to use Netigate’s survey template for COVID-19 to continuously receive feedback from the employees regarding the current situation. The survey gave them important insights into how their employees were doing and what kind of support they needed. Now that working from home has become something like the new normal, they have chosen to highlight these questions in their quarterly employee surveys as well.

We don’t want to stop measuring things that are business as usual, but we still need to keep the new situation in mind. That’s why we chose to include the survey about COVID-19 in our regular survey. By measuring continuously, we get a lot of information that we can take in and act on.

Liza Andersin, HR manager

Increased internal motivation

Every month, KEG’s HR department sends out a newsletter to all managers in the organisation. In the newsletter, they are informed about changes, processes, policies, and more. Recently, they have also started to highlight managers with high results from the employee surveys. This could be a manager who has high motivation in his team or a manager who had low motivation but managed to turn this around, for example. The newsletters give managers a chance to share their thoughts on a specific result and what was done to achieve this. This way, they are given an opportunity to share knowledge with other managers across the organisation. This has also contributed to increased engagement among managers who are motivated by each other and by the opportunity to share good results with others.

Surveys have boosted managers’ engagement. We talk a lot about motivation, eNPS, and the importance that every middle manager and manager actually has when it comes to representing the company and increasing the motivation and engagement of their team.

Liza Andersin, HR Manager

The importance of working with feedback

For the HR department at KEG, it is extremely important to work with feedback. Netigate’s platform gives all employees in the organisation a chance to have their voice heard.

From an HR perspective, it is extremely important to work with data and employee surveys. If you don’t do that, it is difficult to make business decisions in an organisation. It’s not just about working with what managers and the management team want, but also listening to what the whole organisation wants.

Liza Andersin, HR Manager

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