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Satisfied employees are more motivated and engaged. An employee satisfaction survey will deliver clear and actionable feedback to help you develop a culture of progress and improvement in your business.
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Help your employees to thrive

Employee satisfaction surveys can look very different from company to company, but they all share the same goal: to ensure that employees are able to thrive in the workplace.

Your surveys can be broad in scope, covering many factors such as the physical work environment, communication with managers, and work-life balance. Or you can have a more targeted focus, choosing specific elements of the employee experience to investigate.

One solution for all your feedback needs

Start from scratch or use a template - Our intuitive interface lets you easily create surveys without prior experience.
Multiple distribution methods - Reach your audience on their terms. Send surveys via email, links, API or with individual logins.
Responsive, attractive, and flexible design - Netigate is designed to work - and look good - on multiple mobile platforms.
Turn data into insights - Easily sort data with filters of your choice, before sharing custom reports with your colleagues.

Make your company stand out

We have developed an employee survey, with questions put together in close cooperation with leading HR specialists, that enables you to compare your company’s results with others. Netigate’s Employee Survey is a complete employee survey that covers all needed areas, and you can add or delete questions. When you participate, you will not only get your company’s results, but also the aggregated results from all participating companies as a benchmark report.

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"Netigate enables us to share direct insights with our key stakeholders immediately, thus enabling action planning to commence without delay"

Rob Walden
Head of HR Analytics

To help you build stronger relationships with customers and employees

We take your security seriously, with full GDPR compliance and servers based in the EU.
Our in-house team of insight consultants offers continuous support and expertise.
Powerful but intuitive, with insights and reports available at the click of a button.
Netigate API and custom-developed add-ons make integration easy.

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