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Gain more insights with panel research

With more knowledge, it is easier to make well-founded decisions, and with the right information it is easier to target, for example, your communication efforts, improve products or services and to work with perceptions of your brand.

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Why panels can help you to gain more insights


Market and panel research differ from other types of online research. When you work with internal or customer surveys you have access to your target group via, for example, their e-mail addresses. But if you want to send out a survey to a new segment of your target group, a new market in a different country, or want to know more about what consumers of your kind of product in general think of your brand, the easiest way is to reach out to them via purchased panels. A panel consists of a number of people wo have signed up to participate in different market research projects. These panels are managed by panel management companies such as, for example, Cint or TNS Sifo. All panellists provide information about themselves so that you can select exactly who you want to ask by civil status, gender, age, car ownership, household income, to name a few.

Today, many companies choose to work with panel research because they know it is an efficient way to collect information for improvements.

How to get started with panel research


Netigate can be connected to any online panel provider, but the fastest and most price-effective way to get started with panel research is to purchase them directly in Netigate with our widget for Cint Link. You gain access to 7 million panellists in 50 countries directly within the platform. Watch our short video on how it works!


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