Many companies turn to panel research as a way of gaining reliable results on a new product or new development. In this type of research, a panel of experienced (and often paid) respondents who fit your chosen demographics will answer the questions on your survey form. However, even though these people are experienced and being paid to answer the survey, it still doesn’t hurt to make the experience enjoyable for them. The answers you get may be fuller and more informative as a result. Best of all, you can apply these modifications to other types of forms as well – for example, your customer satisfaction form.

Here are 7 extras to include on your panel research form:

1 About the study. A short explanation may not always be appropriate. However, in most cases, it will be appreciated.

2 Company logo. Help your panellists to contextualise the product or service they are asked to review. The feedback they give may become more informative as a result.

3 Colour. Although the respondents will most likely be adults, the use of colour on a form can help to liven up the questions and make them easier, as well as more interesting to read. You can also use colour for emphasis.

4 Images. Diagrams and visual aids may really help your respondents to understand your product and answer the questions accurately. However, as with colour, images can also make the survey more lively and interesting to read, which motivates respondents to give fuller and more descriptive answers.

5 Humour. This may not be appropriate for all companies and may depend on your product. However, humour can help to remind your respondents that you have a human side and make them more sympathetic to your cause.

6 Space for own comments. Part of panel research is about gaining the thoughts of experienced respondents on your new product or development. It would be impossible to predict everything that they might say, so allowing space for general comments is a must.

7 Feedback on the form itself – e.g. is the language too technical?
With a panel research form, your respondents are paid to take surveys and have therefore seen a lot of them, so they are ideally placed to give good feedback on the form itself. This feedback can feed into any future surveys and forms that you send to other parties, e.g. customers.

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