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Travis Perkins

Rob Walden
Rob Walden
Head of HR Analytics
IndustryBuilding & Construction

About Travis Perkins

We are a proud British company with 20+ industry-leading building and construction businesses, 2,000+ outlets and more than 29,000 employees. Travis Perkins plc operates 20+ businesses across the UK and owns 19 product brands within these businesses. We’re proud to have helped to build Britain for over 200 years.

The Challenge

We have always had a big demand for creating and running employee engagement surveys. However, the tools we had in place meant that it could take weeks, once a survey had closed before we could share any insights. Furthermore, the tools were complicated to program and did not complement our strategy for driving quick and actionable insights. In addition, our feedback requirements had expanded, therefore, it became clear that our existing solution was not up to the challenge. We needed a simplified process to make the work required easier by removing the noise from creating, running, and analysing surveys. In short, we needed a scalable and cost-effective solution to enable us to implement and manage a far greater number of surveys. Ideally, we were hoping for a platform which we could leverage as we have the analytical brainpower but needed the platform to support us in getting the most from our existing resources.

“Netigate enables us to create and send surveys quickly and easily. In addition, we can now share direct insights with our key stakeholders immediately, thus enabling action planning to commence without delay”Rob Walden, Head of HR Analytics

The Solution

The solution was to switch to another survey provider in order to

  • Reduce cost
  • Run a higher volume of surveys
  • Benefit from a technical solution that works for us and has been customised to meet our requirements
  • Minimise administrative work and the time taken between survey responses and insight being provided to key stakeholders

Our primary objective was to run employee engagement surveys. However, as we are responsible for multiple brands, we tend to run bespoke surveys per brand at different times of the year, which meant we required a very flexible solution in order to cater to our different business units. With the introduction of Netigate, we not only had better control over our existing surveys but we have even expanded to collecting feedback in other areas such as training/change programmes, customer feedback, and much more.

“We believe that by using Netigate, as the platform for running engagement surveys, that our colleagues are now more honest with their feedback, as the fear of anonymity has been removed, therefore we have more tangible data to make decisions with. In addition, our participation rates have increased, meaning more people are having their say”, Rob Walden, Head of HR Analytics

Netigate has now been integrated within HR, Finance, Communications, and Strategy/Projects.

Netigate’s contribution

Netigate made the transition from our former provider easy and we didn’t need to start from scratch, because previous surveys and their results could be uploaded directly into Netigate. New administration users have been added to our account as our feedback processes have expanded into new business areas. The combination of internal training to new users, Netigate’s support, and the available online material meant that new users are normally up and running within a very short period of time.

Netigate has helped us achieve good results by

  • Providing quick support when required
  • Educating our team
  • Sharing experience and best practice
  • Giving us the online-solution we sorely needed

One of the best things about Netigate for us is the speed and simplicity to create surveys and how they can be managed once they are live (via updates/live dashboards, scheduled reminders, etc).


We have used Netigate for nearly two years now and in that time were able to observe many positive results. The business is changing as a result of our employee and customer feedback, and insights are made within days/hours of surveys closing.

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