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PriceRunner trusts Netigate to help it with its most important business decisions - where to invest in the future. There’s a reason why more than 1,500 companies of all sizes worldwide are using Netigate, it’s because we deliver real market insights that will help them grow.


Panel Research

With more knowledge, it is easier to make well-founded decisions. With the right information you can focus your targeting. Whether you are aiming at your brand image, product reception, PR success or any other area, effective research is what will help you succeed.

Product Research

Product Research can help you to understand the needs and desires of a potential target group or market. The information gathered through a panel can provide vital input for the planning process of a new product or the enhancement of existing products.

Opinion Polls

Companies use Netigate to test opinion and gain important guidance on social or business issues. With relevant and actionable intelligence on public sentiment, proposals and initiatives can be adjusted to make them more effective.

Website Feedback

Using forms, widgets or surveys to get website feedback from your visitors, Netigate helps you to find out what the people who matter think about your website. These different feedback modules allow for a variety of insights to be gained about the effectiveness of your site and how to improve user experience.

Think strategically

Become independent from external consultants - gather and analyse feedback yourself

+ Gather insights and take decisions
+ Independence from external consultants
+ Focus on your own business goals
+ Get great help from our customer service

Take it easy

35,000+ users world-wide are sending millions of surveys a year with Netigate

+ User-friendly interface
+ Analyse your data in real-time
+ Powerful solution for global enterprises

Real teamwork

A real team player - thanks to smart user management

+ Key insights without complexity
+ Easy to navigate reports
+ Adopt your branding

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