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Product Research can help you to identify and understand the needs and desires of a potential target group or market. The information gathered through a panel can provide vital input for your new product planning process or the development of existing products.

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Product research with panels


Panels offer a great opportunity to reach a high number of potential consumers or customers by defining a certain target group. A survey on a new product or the development of an existing one gives you the ability to gather important answers to questions from a set number of people who fit the targeted profile. Depending on the situation, panels can be defined according to relevant demographics, such as sex, age or interests so you reach exactly the group of people you want to ask about your product.

Build product research panels with Netigate


Netigate’s API can connect to your CRM system, allowing you to easily create your own panels, so you can send out product research surveys to existing test groups. Or if you want to start from scratch and send your questions out to panellists, you can use the built-in CINT link easily and instantly gain access to 7 million panelists in 50 countries.

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