Product Research helps you identify, analyse and understand the overall requirements of a potential target group or market. By using the information provided by a research panel correctly, your product planning process or further development of selling products can be boosted significantly.

Panel research gives you access to the thoughts and experiences of a large number of potential consumers, or existing ones. Ask them to answer to a survey on an old or new product and use the information well. If they look for a specific feature, find out if it can be included in the next version of the product. If there are features in the current version that are questioned, improve them or replace them with something better next time.

Hello? Would anybody like to take part in a survey?

Don´t just settle for anybody. Choose your participants carefully to make sure you get the required “spot on” results. Whose opinion are you looking for?

Product research panels are often put together according to relevant demographics. The criteria may be gender, age, interests, or the like. If you know that the participants are within the right age group or dedicated skaters/ coffee drinkers. It certainly helps when you´re investigating how to develop your services or products within these fields. Always make sure you reach the right people.

Product Research

How do I build a Product Research Panel?

You may have access to a number of potential panellists and if you do – congratulations, use them well. However, if you don´t, we suggest you contact Netigate. Netigate’s API connects to your CRM system which allows you to create your own panels. It is very simple and it means you can easily send out product research surveys to existing test groups.
If this does not appeal to you, you can still make use of Netigate’s partnership with one of the world’s largest supplier of panels. This add-on option will give you instant access to 40 million panellists in 80+ countries.

To sum it all up then, consider the following things to improve your product research:

If you are conducting a survey for your product research, choose your participants carefully. Ask the right questions to the right people and use the information well. If you feel this is too difficult, too time consuming or for any other reason just a bit much for your organisation, contact Netigate. With Netigate´s help you can create your own research panels or use an existing CINT-link that provides access to millions of panellists all over the world.

Best of luck with your product research and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!