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What influences your organisation?


Every organisation is affected by external factors that they cannot control. New regulations, market development, political proposals or local initiatives may have a powerful impact and can determine the future of your organisation. Both companies and organisations conduct opinion polls to receive important guidance on social issues or for business intelligence. But many organisations also use opinion polls as a way to strengthen their arguments or to effectively lift their questions to the political agenda.

Rapid opinion polling with Netigate


Netigate lets you conduct opinion polls or market research within minutes and your results are ready within a few days. Simply create your questions or select a template from the survey library to customise your own questionnaire. For distribution, Netigate is connected to Cint’s Opinion Hub for direct access to millions of panelists worldwide, but it can easily be used together with the online panel provider of your choice. Select the target group of your choice and the sample size and you can monitor the results in real-time. Netigate can also assist you at any stage of the opinion polling process. We have years of experience in conducting online opinion polls.

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