For first-time survey tool users or those of you who want to save a little extra work and time, a survey template facilitates the quick and effortless creation of professional surveys that guarantee you get actionable insights. With survey templates, everyone in your company can become a feedback expert in no time!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most useful survey templates that are available to you with good survey software providers. Each template has been designed by our Insight Analysts, with each question carefully selected to bring you closer to your goals.

The survey templates we offer cover all survey needs from Voice of Customer (VoC) to Voice of Employee (VoE) and Market Research:

In this article

    General survey templates to help you start

    Survey templates can benefit everyone, even those with a clear and specific goal already in mind. A general survey template helps you with layout and design but is still flexible enough to adapt to your needs.

    Using a template will also make it easier to integrate survey logic, which helps you to create more intelligent questionnaires. For surveys created on the Netigate platform, you can, for example, enable respondents to automatically skip irrelevant questions, or be redirected to follow-up questions that are relevant to their answers. This is important to ensure accuracy: if a respondent feels forced to answer irrelevant questions, it could lead to skewed results or complete abandonment of the survey. We, therefore, encourage screening questions to avoid your data being “polluted”.

    Of course, survey templates are flexible in many other ways, and you can shape them to fit your specific needs. For instance, it’s also easy to remove questions that aren’t relevant to your goals and add questions that are, ensuring that the feedback you receive is valuable to your business.

    A survey template is a great springboard to get you going and developing your own surveys. When creating your own, remember to keep the standard survey creation rules in mind.

    Survey creation rules:

    • be specific
    • avoid emotive words
    • have consistent scales throughout the whole survey (e.g. 1-5)
    • consider your survey both on all devices people can answer on

    For more tips like these, have a look at our 6 best practices for mobile surveys article.

    Do also take into account our 7 tips to improve your online survey questions to find out how to achieve better response rates by combining scales with matrix questions and more.

    If you already have a particular survey idea in mind and have more specific needs, explore the template options below for all subcategories of templates for customer, employee and market research surveys.

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    Voice of Customer survey templates

    Customer feedback can be collected at many different touchpoints in their journey with your business; from their first interaction with your website to the point of purchase and beyond.

    A customer feedback form template lets you design a feedback form that you can set to be automatically emailed to customers once they bought from your online-shop, directly or scheduled based on one-off surveys, or you can integrate it directly into your website for continuous feedback.

    Let’s go through a few different ones below:

    Customer service survey template

    A customer service survey template is a foundation for collecting feedback on the quality and speed of your customer service. Also known as a customer success survey, we offer you two versions depending on the extent of your requirements.

    customer service template

    Sample question from the customer service survey template

    Offering both a longer, ‘full’ and a shorter, ‘light’ version of the customer success survey template, you have the option to select the better fit for your needs. If you are seeking in-depth feedback about customer service at your organisation, the ‘full’ template includes questions designed to dig deeper. The light version, on the other hand, would be a useful starting point for quick evaluations of customer-employee interactions immediately after they take place.

    Customer churn and anti-churn template

    Another set of popular templates are the customer churn survey templates. There are a number of factors that can cause customer churn, with one of the main reasons being a bad service experience Churn surveys allow you to reach out to your churned customers and find out exactly what caused them to stop doing business with you. Once you are able to identify the causes, you can begin taking steps to improve and prevent similar losses in the future.

    The Anti-Churn template focuses on your passive users and is designed to help you prevent customer churn even before it happens:

    anti-churn survey

    3 questions from the anti-churn survey

    The Churn template, on the other hand, focuses specifically on customers you have already lost, allowing you to investigate the reasons behind their departure:

    Churn Survey

    Sample question from the churn survey

    Churn survey templates address your passive or lost customers. To investigate drop-offs earlier in the chain, you can make use of our Customer Win/Loss templates.

    Customer Win/Loss template

    When you sign a new customer or have one decide against using your service, it’s crucial to understand the reasoning behind these early-stage wins and losses. The Customer Win/Loss template is the perfect solution to do just that.

    win/loss survey sample

    Sample question from a win/loss survey

    This survey evaluates aspects such as:

    • If a customer
      • decides to use your service
      • has not not decided yet
      • decides to use a different service or
    • Main reason for the decision taken
    • Evaluation of the product/service, the offer, the contact person, company as a supplier and timing

    Customer satisfaction survey template for B2B

    Sample question of a customer satisfaction survey in B2B context

    Sample question from a customer satisfaction survey in B2B context

    Listen to your customers by implementing a customer satisfaction survey template. That is to say, a survey design that captures not only direct interaction-based feedback but aims to grasp the general satisfaction of your customers. The aim is to capture the overall impression of your business and your brand and we recommend using one specifically designed for business to business customers if it is your company model. Alternatively, separate the feedback depending if it goes to your B2B or B2C segment.

    Customer satisfaction survey template for B2C or retail

    Sample question in a customer satisfaction survey in B2C context

    Sample question from a customer satisfaction survey in B2C context

    This template is a variation of the above customer satisfaction survey template, for B2C businesses or those operating in retail. It is also designed to help you analyse overall customer satisfaction regularly and further, to explore qualitative as well as quantitative feedback from end consumers by combining scales with open-text questions.

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey template

    Main question of the NPS survey

    Main question from the NPS survey

    This is a concise but effective template containing just two crucial questions: Would you recommend us to a friend? And why/why not? This survey template ultimately provides you with quantitative data that can be easily tracked over time, used as an internal benchmark setter, or for comparison with competitors.

    Voice of Employee survey templates

    Employee feedback helps you to create a better experience for your staff and boost overall employee satisfaction. From concise and trackable Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) templates to onboarding or exit surveys, we have templates designed to help you track and improve every step of your employees’ journeys.

    In today’s competitive market, employers need to make sure that they are able to attract and keep engaged and valuable employees. Our templates allow you to do just that, and the Netigate platform gives you the ability to trigger the automatic distribution of surveys at relevant points in the employee journey. Collecting feedback and maintaining a good relationship with your workforce has never been easier.

    eNPS survey template

    Main question of the eNPS survey

    Main question from the eNPS survey

    The eNPS template is designed as an NPS survey aimed at employees instead of customers. This is a concise but effective template, with benefits including the ability to include background information about the employee, such as department, employment length and other statistics. You can upload these separately. If your department is small and/or you require anonymous feedback, this is entirely possible with our surveys.

    Onboarding survey template

    Sample question of the onboarding survey

    Sample question from the onboarding survey

    We think you’ll agree that onboarding is an HR essential and an investment that helps your employees to thrive.

    The template contains questions that will help you evaluate aspects such as:

    • The overall impression of the onboarding process
    • The impressions of the recruitment process
    • The first day at the new company
    • Evaluation of different aspects of the onboarding process

    Employee exit survey template

    Sample question from the employee exit survey

    Sample question from the employee exit survey

    The only positive thing about employees leaving is that you can learn what needs to be done better next time. With an exit interview survey based on this carefully designed template, you can gather feedback on what you need to improve to keep your current employees happy and loyal to your company. After all, recruiting a new employee is expensive and difficult in today’s competitive landscape.

    360-degree feedback survey template – Manager 360

    Manager 360 survey

    Manager 360 survey

    A particularly popular employee survey template is the template for 360 feedback forms —’Manager 360°’— on our platform. It assists you in building powerful surveys that let employees of a department evaluate the qualities of their manager(s). It is like a colleague feedback template that should be sent to colleagues on the same seniority level, to those that are being managed by the employee, and finally, their own manager, to get the 360-view of strengths and development areas.

    Employee engagement survey template

    We have recently updated our employee engagement survey to be as relevant as possible in 2019/2020. This survey template helps you to get the big picture from your employees and covers the following areas:

    • overall impressions
    • work environment
    • work tasks and development
    • leadership
    • internal communication
    • company goals and vision
    • eNPS
    Sample question from the employee engagement survey

    Sample question from the employee engagement survey

    Evaluating engagement is important; – employee engagement directly influences customer experience and the financial output of your company.

    A staff questionnaire template about engagement should also include a section with a series of questions relating to sustainable engagement, to be able to create a company culture that values the health of your employees.

    Market research survey templates

    Market research surveys reach out to a company’s intended customers and focus on the analysis of either the target group or segments of the customer base. Whether it’s a one-off project or tracking consumer attitudes over time, a market research survey template from Netigate can make it easier for you to get started.

    Brand awareness template

    Sample question from a brand awareness survey

    Sample question from a brand awareness survey

    Surveys created with our brand awareness template cover all the important questions: Which brands come to mind when thinking of a specific category? How aware and familiar are the potential customers with your brand, do they already use your product/service? What are their associations with your brand name (e.g. exclusive, cheap, sporty, old fashioned etc.)? With this kind of survey, you can find out what motivates customers to buy from you or a competitor and learn how to tailor your communication and advertisements even better to the needs and wishes of your target group.

    Post-test campaign template

    Focus areas of the post-test campaign survey

    Focus areas of the post-test campaign survey

    Have you recently released a new ad campaign and want to evaluate how effective and far-reaching it was? This template for post-campaign testing is a great solution, which saves you time and money.

    Product concept test template

    Sample question from a product concept test survey

    Sample question from a product concept test survey

    The same is valid for our product concept test template. You can easily get information on the following areas:

    • Idea/Concept testing: The client validates your concept in the target group before further developing and launching. It gives you the opportunity to make improvements in order to be more successful and actually sell the product.
    • A/B test: Ask the target group what their preferred choice is when comparing two products/designs/version/names of a certain kind of product.
    • Buying behaviour: What is affecting and influencing your target group when they are planning to buy a product like yours?

    Political Opinion Poll (UK)

    An opinion poll is a survey of public opinion and is usually designed to represent the views of a population. Opinion polls are most commonly used for political purposes, but can also be used to find out how specific factors, such as e.g. the introduction of new laws or an urgent subject may affect your organisation. From a marketing perspective, opinion polls are carried out to find out what consumers think, for example, about new products or services. Wouldn’t it be great to be the first to know where the world is turning?

    Sample question from a political opinion poll

    Sample question from a political opinion poll

    A political opinion poll is usually carried out on a sample of about 1000 people, randomly selected from a population of eligible voters. You should regard the results as an approximate value of the public opinion in the population of all eligible voters.

    Event/Course Registration and Course Evaluation templates

    Sample question from a course evaluation survey

    Sample question from a course evaluation survey

    These are very popular templates on our platform. Around 35% of our customers use these in addition to our other templates.

    The ‘Event/Course registration’ template is for pre-event and it facilitates an online registration to your course or event and lets you collect any necessary information in a user-friendly, online form. The ‘Course Evaluation’ template then allows you to follow-up on an event and gain feedback into how you can improve in the future. You can also use the two templates together.

    Web 360 Survey Template

    Website feedback is an important part of market research. Using forms, widgets or survey links, you can get instant and direct feedback from the people using your site. With our web 360 survey template, you collect data that goes beyond what Google Analytics can offer:

    • who your visitors are
    • what they have been looking for
    • whether they found it on your website
    An example of a feedback tab that opens up on the website to collect user insights

    An example of a feedback tab that opens up on the website to collect user insights

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