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The 360 feedback software to help you support and develop better managers

Support your leaders with personalised actionable insights.

  • Highlight and boost existing strengths of managers.
  • Help individuals to identify areas requiring development.
  • Provide actionable insights into performance in clear reporting dashboards.
  • Create tailored development plans.
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Netigate facilitates improved employee experiences in more than 1,500 organisations worldwide.

360 feedback made easy with the Netigate survey platform

1. Build your 360 degree surveys
1. Build your 360 degree surveys
Start from scratch or use our 360 template designed by our EX experts. You can even import your old questionnaires directly into Netigate using our Magic Import function.
2. Seamless distribution
2. Seamless distribution
Anyone can manage and send the 360-degree survey process, from HR departments to managers themselves. And you can reach the selected respondents on their terms, via various distribution methods like email, SMS, link, or even individual logins.
3. Analyse the responses
3. Analyse the responses
You can view responses in real time, apply filters, and track individual performance over time. You can also create differentiated reports with different access rights (e.g. for line managers themselves, HR teams, leadership groups, etc.).
4. Prepare a plan of action
4. Prepare a plan of action
Create and send tailored 360 degree reports in minutes. Through our clearly structured reports, both executives and managers can immediately identify key insights. Extensive security measures ensure that answers submitted anonymously remain truly anonymous.
Leadership questionnaire with Netigate's 360 feedback software


360 feedback tool and human insights from a single provider

With our 360 feedback software, HR departments— or managers themselves— can initiate, build, and manage the entire 360 degree process from the first step to the last. But if you do need additional support, that's no problem— our internal survey experts from the Netigate Professional Services team are here to help.
Free 360 feedback software template
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Build your perfect performance review

Within the Netigate survey tool, you can build your perfect 360 degree feedback process from start to finish. Creating your own 360 degree questionnaires from scratch is easy with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Alternatively, get started with our free template, which has been designed by experts to cover the key leadership competencies.

Your free 360 feedback survey template

Try Netigate free for 30 days and start your first 360 degree feedback process right away.

Members of Netigate's professional services team
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360 feedback software that's powered by people

At Netigate, we have internal insight experts who can give you a helping hand with your 360 degree feedback processes. From setup and implementation to analysis, technical support and action-planning, we're here to help you get the most out of your performance management process.
Typical report within the Netigate 360-degree feedback software
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Find and share actionable insights

Prioritising professional development is good for people and it's good for business. Reporting your 360 degree feedback results with Netigate means you can track your data over time and easily pull tailored reports to share with the managers in focus.
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A Netigate customer success story

"Netigate brings the tool competence alongside a team of intelligent people with a market research background who can evaluate the 360-degree feedback in detail. Working with Netigate was extremely pleasant and professional, and the focus is always on offering added value." — Klaus Dürrbeck, Partner at Munich Leadership Group.
Read the full customer case on 360 degree feedback here

All the benefits with the Netigate 360 degree feedback software

Secure & GDPR-compliant
Data security is our top priority. Your sensitive employee feedback data is safe with us. We are ISO 27,001 certified and GDPR compliant with servers in the EU, meaning you can safely gather your feedback online.
Expert support
We offer a global solution with local support and consultancy. Our in-house experts will guide you in asking the right questions, providing constructive feedback, and making data-driven decisions with 360 feedback software.
All in one place
Powerful but intuitive, the Netigate platform makes it easy to create, distribute and analyse surveys of all kinds (including 360-degree feedback surveys). Start from scratch or use our expertly-crafted templates, and then reach your audience on their terms.
Integration friendly
With Netigate API, you can build custom data integrations that will adapt to your existing workflows. This allows you to save time and work smarter by automating 360-degree feedback.
Reliable data collection
Did you know Netigate did one of the largest surveys in the world with over 6.5 million respondents? That requires stability, knowledge and capacity. We offer you a robust software that you can rely on even for advanced 360-degree feedback projects.
Powerful analytics
We provide thorough analysis and actionable insights. We help you to make data-driven decisions with confidence. There's loads of data out there, and we help you to make sense of it.

Need inspiration? Learn more about the 360 feedback process

Sample 360 degree review questions for employees
Netigate’s top survey experts, with over a decade of experience, provide a list of sample 360 degree feedback questions.
360 degree feedback: Why leadership feedback matters
Support your managers with multi-faceted feedback. Help them to become aware of their impact, strengths, and areas for development.
How to work with 360 degree feedback
In this article, have a look at what exactly 360° feedback is, which variations exist, and how you can use it to your advantage. We also tackle the question of how to analyse and implement the results you have collected.
Download the brochure for our 360 feedback software
Interested in learning or sharing more about 360 degree feedback? Download our 360 brochure, which summarises how the process works, the benefits, topics you can cover, and how Netigate can help you.


360 degree feedback allows you to evaluate managers at four different levels. It is a form of multi rater feedback, in which your leaders are the focus. They are evaluated by their managers, team members at the same level and employees who report to them. In addition, the managers themselves carry out a self-assessment. This is the standard approach to a 360 degree survey that is conducted internally. You can, however, involve external stakeholders like customers or suppliers.

You can gather feedback on competencies such as:

- Leadership skills
- Social skills
- Information & communication
- Empowering others
- Self management
- Overall evaluation
- Main strengths
- Main areas for improvement

Read more about how to work with 360 degree feedback.
It's really easy. :) You can either get started with our free survey template (developed by true EX experts), or use our drag-and-drop interface to build your own, personalised questionnaire. If you do decide to start from scratch, you can still drag and drop questions from our question library if you want! Here you can start creating your own 360-degree feedback survey
You can tailor each questionnaire to the individual manager, choosing which leadership competencies you want to evaluate, e.g. general leadership skills, social skills, communication, etc. You can also be more detailed by including open ended questions. For more inspiration check out our article containing sample 360° feedback questions here.
360-degree feedback reviews can be a powerful tool for employee development and organisational improvement. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Holistic view: Provides a comprehensive view of employee performance and behavior from multiple perspectives.

  2. Increased self-awareness: Helps employees become more aware of strengths and weaknesses for personal and professional development.

  3. Improved communication: Encourages open and honest feedback, leading to better collaboration and a positive work environment.

  4. Fair and objective evaluations: Reduces potential for bias and allows for a fairer evaluation.

  5. Goal setting: Feedback obtained can be used to set specific goals for improvement and focus on achieving them.
Nope! The template is free to use when you create a Netigate account. You can sign up for a free trial here to check it out. You'll find it under 'Templates' when you click 'Create a survey' on the login homepage!
No— there's more! Netigate is a complete solution and a survey tool for your employee and customer feedback needs. From your yearly employee reviews to automated customer service questionnaires, you can do it all with us.

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