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The first step to improve your leadership skills is to be open to feedback. Without knowing your strengths and weaknesses, it's hard to know what you need to improve and what you’re already doing well.
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Getting feedback from different persons at different levels gives the whole picture, and comparing this with the manager’s own opinions of their leadership skills makes it easier to find similarities and differences. A 360 Degree Feedback survey evaluates managers from three levels to give the feedback they need to be able to improve, for example, communication skills, developing strengths and work with their weaknesses.

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How to get started with 360 feedback reviews

Manager evaluations often consist of questions covering areas such as competence in work tasks and working area, ability to achieve goals, the understanding of employee needs and level of communication skills.

Our 360 Degree Feedback survey is a set of pre-packaged questions chosen by our experience of what most companies want to cover in a 360 degree review. It helps you get started quicker – and you can, of course, adjust the questions according to your company needs.

Contact us to find out more about what kind of questions it contains, how you can benefit from evaluating managers and start working more efficiently with employee feedback!

Supporting you through the corona crisis

We want to help you navigate life during and after the pandemic. From questionnaire templates to reports and interviews, we have a variety of resources available.

✔ Stay connected to your remote teams
✔ Learn how to best guide your employees through the crisis
✔ Promote engagement and motivation
✔ Understand what your key stakeholders need
✔ Prepare your business for the future of working life

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