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Netigate 360° Leadership Feedback

We give you the insights and recommended actions to understand, develop and coach your leaders for more successful teams and organisations.

  • Data-driven coaching for your managers and leaders.
  • Get individual insights tailored to each manager.
  • Allocate your resources where they make the biggest impact.
  • Identify critical areas requiring development to improve performance.
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Netigate delivers improved employee experiences through feedback in more than 1,500 organisations worldwide.

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We know the struggle...

  • eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) decreases and one of the most common reasons mentioned in Netigate’s yearly report is lack of good leadership.
  • Communication barriers, miscommunication, and false information that prevents the ability to address prioritised areas.
  • Lack of insights and recommended actions on group level and individual level.
  • Lack of understanding as to why specific business units or individuals are not engaged, leading to reduced productivity and increased turnover costs.
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    The correlation between leadership, employee engagement and profitability

    Most of us are already aware that there is a clear correlation between leadership, employee engagement and customer loyalty. But did you know that as much as 70% of a team's engagement is influenced by managers? And even if you did, are you using data tailored to each individual manager in your coaching?
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    Netigate 360° Feedback Advisory

    Our advisory service provides everything you need to conduct a successful 360° review. From preparation and implementation right through to analysis and action planning, we're here to help. We will make sure you gather valuable feedback from peers, managers, and employees to assess your managers' performance and the potential for development. With our comprehensive advisory, you can be confident that you will gain valuable insights that will help you to boost your leaders and evolve your organisation from the inside out.

    How does it work?

    Kick-off​ | Definition of study details and timing | Preparation of validated 360° questionnaire
    Survey setup​ |
    Handling of addresses​ | Field monitoring
    Analysis of data and results​ | Individual results report for each feedback recipient | Final wrap-up meeting
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    Why 360° with Netigate?

    With almost two decades of experience in employee experience and 360° feedback, we are already a sought-after and trusted partner for numerous companies. With the combination of a powerful and secure feedback platform and over 30 in-house experts to manage your 360-degree feedback, we offer you the ideal mix of technical and human expertise.

    Let's create better experiences together

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    A Netigate customer success story

    "Netigate brings the tool competence alongside a team of intelligent people with a market research background who can evaluate the 360 degree feedback in detail. Working with Netigate was extremely pleasant and professional, and the focus is always on offering added value." — Klaus Dürrbeck, Partner at Munich Leadership Group.
    Read the full customer case on 360 degree feedback here

    In need of coaching? We've got the add on for you. Quote for price.

    We offer customised workshops and consulting based on your results and needs, as well as expertise support and coaching.

    Our network of expert partners

    Your 360° feedback with Netigate gives you the data deck where to start. But how do you shape the change in your employee experience? For all your questions and as a sparring partner in Employee Experience, the Netigate Expert Board is also available. In this board, thought leaders and shrewd experts on the topic of Employee Experience are at your side - for all questions about actively shaping the results of your 360° feedback.

    More inspiration for your 360 feedback project

    360° feedback: Why leadership feedback matters
    Download our e-book to get insights into how you can support your managers with multi-faceted feedback. Help them to become aware of their impact, strengths, and areas for development.
    360 feedback_Brochure_Cover
    360° feedback brochure
    A brochure on how to support every manager in becoming aware of their impact and improving their performance.
    How to write sample 360°
    feedback questions for employees
    In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of sample questions that can be used in a 360° survey throughout the year, whenever a comprehensive evaluation is required.