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Why do we need website feedback?


Using forms, widgets or surveys to get website feedback from your visitors – the ones who matter most – are different ways to ask questions directly. These different feedback modules can be used for different purposes. For example, how does your visitor regard your website? How did they get to your website? Why are they visiting? Suggestions for improvements?

What does a website feedback survey do for me?


With direct feedback you ask your visitor about their opinion at the right time – when they are on your website. It is also a qualitative complement to the quantitative data from website statistic tools such as Google Analytics. It is the most direct way to find out if your visitors are attracted by your design, message and offer. To use this feedback in the best possible way, make sure you can connect the data with your existing CMS or ERP systems and inform your management team with the use of visually appealing dashboards.

Netigate Website Feedback 360º gives you an intuitive but powerful platform to collect all possible website feedback, support for analysis, means to connect with your systems, and presentable dashboards to your decision makers!

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“With the help of Netigate’s solutions we were able to improve our target group approach significantly.”

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