What is website feedback software? It is all in the name: your online visitors give you feedback on how they perceive your website, through your website. There are a number of ways to conduct a website feedback survey, including in-page surveys, visitor intercepts and feedback links, just to mention a few. The great thing about these kinds of survey is that your visitors give you their insights at the very moment when they are visiting your website. When you capture real-time feedback you get crucial insights that can help you improve your online business. What is working with your website and what is not so good? In other words what can you do to improve your website and your customer experience?

A quick Google search will tell you that you have the option of free survey software tools and paid solutions. We all love free stuff but when it comes to survey technology it is well worth investing in good software. Because for collecting useful and meaningful feedback, free feedback software has some major limitations that you need to take into account.

Website Feedback Software – Helps You Collect Data Online

Free Survey Software


Paid Survey Software

Basic design and feelProfessional design and feel
Simple or non-existing marketing and communication tools with no contact managementSophisticated e-mail marketing with built-in contact database, automatically generated plain text e-mails etc.
Basic reporting functionsPowerful reporting functions with real-time feedback results, option of collecting and displaying survey responses anonymously to encourage honest feedback etc.  
Little or no customer supportWell-functioning customer support, often live support during business hours and sometimes even 24/7
Surveys are not compatible with mobile devices which means that respondents tend to leave your surveyAdvanced mobile functionality like redirecting users to the mobile or desktop version, configuring the screen for mobile colours, fonts, text etc. Tracks if respondents used mobile device or desktop.
Manual processes where follow-ups and reminders must be sent manuallyAutomated processes where you can schedule e-mails and reminders to be sent automatically. Together with a survey wizard helps you create stunning surveys. Data analysing through pre-formatted reports.

Don’t forget that when you buy survey software from a provider, for instance Netigate, you get professional services from a team that helps you create, analyse and make sense of the feedback you have collected through your website feedback survey, employee engagement survey, employee onboarding survey, Voice of Customer survey or whichever survey you choose to conduct. As shown above with a customized survey solution, you get the functionality required to collect, analyse and act on feedback crucial to your business.