Why should you work with website feedback forms?

A website is an essential tool and communication channel between you and your customers. The modern consumer may visit hundreds of websites in a single day, so they will have high standards when it comes to assessing the quality of a website and the ease with which they can find the information needed. To make a good impression and attract new customers, you need your website to be of the highest quality.

You can check by using an online website feedback form, easily set up to be embedded on your website, or sent to customers who have recently bought something from your web store. However, it is important to ask the right questions in order to get information that will aid you in making improvements. It is still more important to keep the feedback form short. Otherwise, people will not take the time to answer and may even be tempted to abandon your website.

website feedback form because user feedback is key
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Which four questions should I ask on a website feedback form?

According to the experience we gathered by working with numerous clients, we found these four questions most helpful:

1. How did you find us?

Answers to this question will help you to understand how well your SEO and/or online advertisement campaigns are working, as well as which channel is the most effective for attracting new customers.

2. Was the website easy to use/were you able to find the information you needed?

Is the path to the checkout clearly marked? Do you have informative headings and menus? Asking this question can help you identify where you need to carry out housecleaning on your website.

3. What would you change about the website?

Those flashy gifs and stunning visuals that you find so attractive might be annoying to customers who simply want to make their purchase and leave. Offer them space to say what they didn’t like about your website and then take it on board. Customer opinions are more important than your own. However, also bear in mind that customer opinions may be mixed, so concentrate on the feedback from those in the target demographic for your product. This leads us to…

4. Basic demographics

Asking for the respondents’ gender and age helps to identify whether they fit into the target range for your product. You can thereby judge what sort of weight should be given to their responses on the form. For example, comments from a teenager on a website that is aimed at pensioners should carry less weight than comments from the pensioners themselves.

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