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Not all surveys are the same:
Futureproof your business with the right feedback

  • We have put together a series of free online courses for you to learn everything you need to know about feedback.  
  • In these lessons, we break down the facts, best practices, and tasks.  
  • At the end, you're invited to test your knowledge and get a personal certificate, which you can even share on LinkedIn (psst... adding and sharing certificates to your knowledge area on LinkedIn significantly increases your visibility on the platform).  
  • Learn without any time pressure: you can access these course emails at any time and decide when you want to take your quiz.

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Free online course on customer experience & customer feedback
Learn all about what matters when asking your customers for feedback. We'll give you the guidance you need to find out what motivates them and identify their needs and wants. You will also learn how to create, send, and analyse the right surveys.
Free online course on employee experience & feedback
It's no secret that happy and motivated employees are more productive. Learn what makes your employees tick, how to ask them the right questions, and what types of employee surveys work best for your organisation. You'll also learn how to apply the best methods immediately!

Try Netigate along with the lessons

Try our survey software free for 30 days to measure and improve your customers' and employees' experiences. Apply what you learn in the courses and get instant results. No credit card required. The trial period ends automatically.

Free online course on feedback management using AI-powered Text Analysis

This unique course introduces you to the world of Text Analysis. Learn how to save valuable time and resources with keyword extraction, sentiment analysis and topic classification.

Learn how to ask effective open-ended questions and how to apply Text Analysis to EX and CX metrics.