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Free Online Course on Employee Feedback & Employee Experience

Understand the factors that impact on the employee experience

  • Lesson 1: What you should know about eNPS
  • Lesson 2: Why employee feedback is so important
  • Lesson 3: How to get your employees to answer your surveys
  • Lesson 4: Step by step to your own survey
  • Lesson 5: All about survey analysis
  • Lesson 6: Important EX trends you should know
  • Lesson 7: A quiz, a certificate and a special tip for you


Elevate the employee experience through feedback

Everything you need to know about employee experience and employee feedback:
Find out what motivates your employees, understand how to retain your top talent and identify potential problem areas before they escalate. Take immediate action to improve employee engagement and satisfaction.
In seven short lessons, you will learn about the different methods of employee surveys and which of them best fit your needs and strategies.
At the end of our free online courses, you will receive your personal certificate.

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