About Netigate

Netigate helps you understand the most important people you have: your employees and customers.

We support you with:

Customer experience
Netigate is the solution you need to perform everything from customer satisfaction surveys, to NPS calculations and event evaluations.
Employee experience
Employee experience encompasses everything that employees experience at work, and is a major factor in engagement and happiness.
Market esearch
Market research forms the basis for strategic decisions in your company and helps you to stay informed and ahead of the competition.

Our vision

Netigate Employee Branding

Release the full potential in people and organisations through feedback

We believe that feedback is essential for progress at both an individual and company level. Successful people and organisations put feedback at the center of their decision making. To adapt and grow, listening to your employees and customers is essential.

Netigate was founded in Stockholm in 2005, and is now an international company with thousands of customers worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to enable businesses to understand their two most important assets: their employees and their customers.

With our powerful platform, you can tune into the voice of the customer and the voice of the employee. Feedback management is what we do best— it's in our DNA.

Netigate in numbers

We are a global company providing thousands of users with insights daily



Netigate receives great feedback from users and becomes a G2 crowd High Performer.
Our support team receives a Stevie Award for their excellent service to our customers.
Mästargasell 2019 Netigate
Receives the award 'MästarGasell' from Dagens Industri.
Netigate is growing
Netigate growth accelerates: We surpass 100 employees.
Survey form
We launch an upgraded product with many new features.
Customer satisfaction survey Netigate platform
Netigate conducted one of the world's largest surveys with 6.5 million respondents along with a customer.
Veckans affärer superföretag
Netigate is named 'Super Company of the Year' by Business of the Week.
View of Oslo
Netigate opens operations in Norway with a new office in Oslo.
Netigate opens operations in Germany with new offices in Wiesbaden and Berlin.
Deloitte Technology
Netigate is characterized as a fast-growing tech company in Sweden by 'Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Sweden'.
Netigate-logo-Navy background
Netigate establishes strong foundations through a customer experience project with Electrolux. The result of the project was a SaaS product...

How it all started

Meet our co-founder Gustaf Ekelund

Netigate was founded in 2005 by four friends, around a coffee machine, in Stockholm. Gustaf Ekelund is one of Netigates co-founders. They went from consultancy firm to software company over a night. A customer asked them to develop software to collect feedback from employees and customers. The customer obsession was present already back then, of course they where going to develop a software to give customers and employees a voice. The values at this time is the same Netigate cherish still today: we are passionate about releasing the full potential in people and organisations through feedback.


Mikkel Drucker
Chief Executive Officer

Sophie Hedestad
Chief Marketing Officer
Yavor Adel
Chief Technology Officer
Henrik Ceder
Chief Product Officer
Oliver Vaage
Acting Chief Revenue Officer


Tom Nyman, Chairman at Netigate
Tom Nyman
Dariush Ghatan
Board member
Boris Nordenström Board Member
Boris Nordenström
Board member
Gustaf Ekelund Board Member Netigate.png
Gustaf Ekelund
Board member