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In our world, people are always centre stage. We strive towards total and genuine understanding between individuals, every day. Join us! And help us make every voice heard.

Netigate is a feedback-based experience management platform centering on customer and employee voices. 

We believe that the key to business success requires a focus on people. 

Understanding the experiences, emotions, and engagement of people gives the necessary insights for organisations to act and improve on the right things at the right time. 

We are here to solve a broad range of EX, CX, and market research challenges.

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Imagine basing all your important business decisions on a gut feeling. No data, no statistics, no facts. Just intuition. Back in the 90s, that was the reality for many decision makers and a big frustration for the four friends who later founded Netigate. ​

So, in 1999 these friends founded a consultancy firm called INCH, helping other businesses to digitalize their employee and customer journeys. One day, a customer asked if it was possible to develop software to collect feedback. That question became the start of Netigate.

Today, Netigate is on a mission to create a world where there is no disconnect between people’s expectations and actual experiences.​

A world where companies not only perfectly “hear” the voices that provide valuable feedback for their business, but where that feedback can be easily and deeply analyzed to provide clear guidance for business decisions. ​

Basically, a world where real action is inspired through an authentic understanding of people.

What we believe in

The power of ‘we’​
We celebrate greatness in our colleagues, always challenging the status quo while collaborating towards our shared goal—to create something ​ bold and magnificent.​
Passionate about progress
We start small, we fail fast—and learn faster. We grow because we constantly test new, fresh ideas but aren’t afraid to reject them and move on. Constantly thinking of the next question.
Delight each other daily​
Every workday we bring, good humour, and down-to-earthness to each other and our clients. And, when times are tough, we support each other fiercely. We manifest cheerful collegiality in all our relationships, building on trust and openness to achieve more together

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“I have really found my place here at Netigate! The people and the atmosphere is SO friendly, and there really is room for professional growth.”

Angela Eckert
Jr Customer Success Manager, Netigate
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