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Employee experience in practice

  Are you interested in creating a better employee experience?   In Employee experience in practice, our EX expert shares her insights into how you can improve the employee experience…

September 17, 2020 - 14:00
Online with Alexandra Drottler


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How to stop NPS detractors in their tracks

If you’re familiar with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric of measuring customer satisfaction, you…

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How to transition back to the office as lockdown eases

  Many of us are trying to find our new normal amid the corona crisis.…

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How to improve the employee experience for introverts

It was impossible to make it through 2012 without at least hearing about Susan Cain’s book Quiet. In…

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5 steps to understanding your employees during the corona crisis

Having the right conditions means the employee can focus on their work with fewer distractions whilst working from home.

Length: 40 min

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5 steps for a successful webinar strategy

In this webinar, Sophie Hedestad, CMO at Netigate, presents 5 steps to achieving a successful webinar strategy. Covered in this webinar: Setting clear goals and aims for your webinars Creating…

Length: 35 min

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Four perspectives on leadership during the corona crisis

Register for the webinar "Four perspectives on leadership during the corona crisis" on June 24th. 1 pm BST/ 2 pm CEST.

Length: 53 min

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Employee Experience 2019

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