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Netigate Academy: Level 1 – Essentials

Erik Terzi will walk you through designing effective surveys and distributing them via various channels using Netigate.

Online. Greenwich Mean time (GMT)

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Netigate Academy: Netigate Report

In this course we take a deep dive into reporting with Netigate. This training session is suitable for both new and experienced users.

Length: 119 min

Customer experience Employee experience
Netigate Digital Connect 2021

Netigate Digital Connect 2021

If you are invested in managing and improving the experiences that matter to your business, this is the event for you.

Length: 167 min

Employee experience
The future of EX

The future of EX

In The future of EX, three experts come together to discuss topical issues central to the employee experience. From inclusion and purpose, to employee engagement beyond the pandemic, this webinar…

Length: 62 min


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Employee loyalty study with data from 274 different companies and over 200,000 eNPS responses.

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We asked CX professionals how they are working with customer experience in 2021 and what is in store for the future of CX.

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We asked Swedish employees how they want their employer to handle working from home after the pandemic. This report details our findings.


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The ultimate guide to creating a successful customer feedback strategy.

10 tips & tricks for creating a successful customer survey

Our feedback experts share their 10 top tips for getting the most out of your customer surveys.

10 tips on how online surveys can help you become a better marketing manager

10 tips to help marketing managers get valuable and actionable insights into their market and clients.