The German Supply Chain Act, which will also apply to companies with more than 1,000 employees in Germany from 1 January 2024, poses a significant challenge. The aim of this law is to minimise human rights violations and environmental pollution in supply chains. To meet this responsibility, companies must conduct a thorough risk assessment of their suppliers and document the results transparently.

But how can companies with thousands or tens of thousands of suppliers manage this complex task? And how do they manage the relationship with risky suppliers when close cooperation is unavoidable? This is where supplier surveys come in.

Surveys not only meet legal requirements, but can also strengthen and optimise your supplier relationships.

We will present you with practical tips and best practices to make supplier surveys efficient. In addition, we will show you how a digital survey tool such as Netigate can help you implement these surveys and make professional use of the results.

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What is awaiting you?

  • Feedback as the key to a trusting supplier relationship
  • Supplier surveys and supplier self-assessments
  • The feedback journey for suppliers
  • The two pillars of the feedback journey


Master the Supply Chain Act now!

Yes, the Supply Chain Act poses major challenges for companies. But: with the right data and a digital solution, it can be simple, quick and done in an efficient way.

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