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Delight your new employees with the help of onboarding software

First impressions matter. Use our onboarding software to create an experience that champions your new hires' voices and boosts retention.

  • Collect employee experience insights from day one.
  • Get feedback on your recruitment process.
  • Identify onboarding areas for development.
  • Monitor the impact of new initiatives and improvements.
  • Educate your new hires about what to expect.
  • Give new employees a voice & set them up for success.
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Take your onboarding experience to the next level with Netigate

Evaluate your recruitment process
Evaluate your recruitment process
Understand what works with your recruitment process— and what doesn't. Are you representing your company accurately? What about roles? Who better to ask than those who have recently experienced it.
Provide excellent onboarding
Provide excellent onboarding
An effective employee onboarding program introduces new hires to the company culture and provides them with everything they need to succeed. Feedback will help you to get your onboarding right time and time again.
Happier employees in the long run
Happier employees in the long run
Start as you mean to go on. A great onboarding sets employees up for a successful career with your company. It can lead to better eNPS scores, higher engagement, and better employee retention rates.
Netigate onboarding software


Immerse new hires into your company culture from day one

To be successful, new employees should feel immersed in your company from the very beginning. Our onboarding software is designed to help you gather the feedback and insights you need to make sure this happens.
Free employee onboarding survey template with Netigate


Choose a ready-to-send onboarding survey template or create your own

You can build your perfect onboarding process from start to finish with the Netigate platform. Creating your own onboarding questionnaires from scratch is easy with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Alternatively, get started with our free template, which has been designed by experts to cover the most crucial questions you need to ask.
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AI-powered analytics

Meaningful insights without the heavy lifting

Open-text responses will help you to get specific insights into how you can improve the employee onboarding process. With AI-powered Text Analysis, you can let our tool sort through your text answers, categorising them, finding patterns, and identifying sentiment.
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Intelligent onboarding software combined with human support

At Netigate, we have internal insight experts who can give you a helping hand with your onboarding processes. From setup and implementation to analysis and action-planning, we're here to help you create happier employees and improve retention rates.

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The benefits of Netigate's onboarding software

Secure & GDPR-compliant
Data security is our top priority. Your sensitive employee feedback data is safe with us. We are ISO 27,001 certified and GDPR compliant with servers in the EU, meaning you can safely gather your feedback online.
Expert support
We offer a global solution with local support and consultancy. Our in-house experts will guide you in asking the right questions and making data-driven decisions with your onboarding surveys.
All in one place
Powerful but intuitive, the Netigate platform makes it easy to create, distribute and analyse your onboarding surveys. Start from scratch or use our expertly-crafted templates that are ready to send.
Integration friendly
With Netigate API, you can build custom data integrations that will adapt to your existing workflows. This allows you to save time and work smarter by automating your onboarding surveys.
Reliable data collection
Did you know Netigate did one of the largest surveys in the world with over 6.5 million respondents? That requires stability, knowledge and capacity. We offer you a robust software that you can rely on even for more complex onboarding processes.
Powerful analytics
We provide thorough analysis and actionable insights. We help you to make data-driven decisions with confidence. There's loads of data out there, and we help you to make sense of it.

More inspiration for your getting started with onboarding software

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Guidelines for a successful employee onboarding survey
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Employee onboarding is an investment into the long-term relationship between employer and employee. From day one at a new workplace, it is important to support employees and show how they can work towards the overall operational goals .

By combining a well-thought-out and executed onboarding with a focused and relevant onboarding survey, you can gain valuable insights and help your teams work more efficiently. In the long run, you also become a more attractive employer, both for current and future employees.
There are several benefits to analysing and improving your onboarding process:

• Improved job satisfaction and productivity.
• Reduce costs for onboarding, HR admin cost, lost productivity costs, or other costs caused by poor onboarding.
• Increased loyalty to the company, which is intertwined with increased employee engagement and employee retention.
• Insights into how to improve the onboarding process.
Questions about the recruitment process:

• How accurately do you think the company was presented during the recruitment process? [Rating scale]
• How could we have improved the recruitment process? [Open-text response]

Questions early on in the onboarding process:

• I feel the onboarding process is well structured. [Rating scale]
• I am feeling welcomed into the company. [Rating scale]
• The information I have received has been at the right level for me. [Rating scale]
• How could we have improved your first week at [Company]? [Open-text]

Questions later on in/at the end of the onboarding process:

• I feel proud to work for [Company]. [Rating scale]
• I felt the onboarding process was well structured. [Rating scale]
• I have the information I need to do my job well. [Rating scale]
• How could we have improved your onboarding process? [Open-text]


You get access to a free employee onboarding survey template with Netigate. Our template is a mixture of free-text options and statement questions, which ensures that you get as much important feedback as possible from the new employees. Netigate’s onboarding survey tool is thoroughly designed to improve your company’s onboarding process.
No! :) The template is free to use when you create a Netigate account. You can sign up for a free trial here to check it out. You'll find it under 'Templates' when you click 'Create a survey' on the login homepage!
No— there's more! Netigate is a complete solution and a survey tool for your employee and customer feedback needs. From your yearly employee reviews to automated customer service questionnaires, you can do it all with us.

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