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Credit Europe Bank N.V

Anne Langeveld-Mulder
Anne Langeveld-Mulder
Division Director Human Resources
CompanyCredit Europe Bank N.V. focuses on corporate lending and retail banking. Currently, the bank operates 57 branches, 112 ATMs, and 8,800 point of sale terminals.
IndustryBanking, Finance & Insurance

About Credit Europe Bank N.V

Credit Europe Bank N.V. is headquartered in the Netherlands and focuses on corporate lending and retail banking. Currently, the bank operates 57 branches, 112 ATMs, and 8,800 point of sale terminals. With 1,234 employees across 9 countries, there are 900,000 customers around the world that entrust their financial affairs to Credit Europe Bank.

The challenge

Before using Netigate, we had been searching for a structured way of collecting feedback. In particular, we wanted to hear the voice of our employees in the Dutch market. With 250 people involved,  however, conducting interviews face-to-face would have been too time-intensive. Furthermore, our employees were keen to know that they could share their feedback anonymously.

As a result, we at Credit Europe Bank N.V were seeking a survey solution that could centralise feedback and collect anonymous answers, whilst being easy to use. We also wanted to ensure that the survey experience was as smooth, responsive, and time-efficient as possible.


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The Solution

With Netigate, we were able to send a regular satisfaction survey. Our intention was to evaluate the actions we were taking and measure our progress as a company. It was also important for us to be able to repeat the same survey across a number of years, in order to track improvement.

Based on the feedback received from the first survey, senior management took the initiative to develop concrete plans for improvement. Every division received a detailed report and, working with the HR advisors, our employees worked together to develop a strategic engagement plan. Now, every manager across the company has KPIs that focus on engagement goals.

We were really impressed with how easy it was to analyse and share survey results with Netigate. The ability to quickly change how data was visualised and presented was also significant for us because it meant that we were able to save time on analysing and reporting.

On top of that, the respondent experience was improved. The ability to add survey logic, for example, meant that we were able to create intelligent questionnaires that made completion quicker for our employees. For example, questions could be skipped if they were irrelevant, which would lead to higher completion rates and more accurate results overall.

In terms of customer support, we always found Netigate helpful and were happy with the guidance we received throughout the process.

We believe that we can get a lot more out of Netigate. We have already begun using it to help with events as well and we are looking forward to utilising the tool more frequently and widely.


“Netigate has been a great partner to assess our employee engagement and identify the areas to focus on.”


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