Text Analysis

By using a machine learning process called Text Analytics (TA), Netigate Text Analytic Hub will assist you with uncovering meaningful insights from your unstructured data In no time.

Text Analytic Hub

Generally, you’ll find the most actionable and meaningful insights within open text responses. Manually analyzing unstructured data Is time consuming and close to impossible on a large scale. With Netigate Text Hub powered by Netigate v8 you’ll be able to quickly extract data and automatically manage qualitative Information In ways that will easily assist you In understanding your customers and employees.

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Automatically extract and analyze online data and documents
Manage and catogorize vast scales of Information
Seamlessly gather meaningful and qualitative information
Discover trends and accelerate your productivity


Control the cost
The customer has control over which surveys, questions or answers to send for TA. Since there Is a fee connected to every answer-set processed, the customer Is able to control the cost.​
Sentiment analysis​
Detect when responses from the open text are saying something positive or negative and sort them Into categories such as: positive, negative, neutral and mixed.
Sentiment over time​
Track the changes In sentiments around defined topics over time to uncover growing trends and leading opinions.
Group feedback
Clustering similar words and expressions with TA will allow you to make predictions from unstructured data and easily discover relevant Information.
Handle multiple languages
Interpreting the ambiguity of human language Is difficult. With TA you can manage questions being asked from customers In multiple languages within surveys.
Topic analysis
A common classification of TA Is analyzing different topics. With topic analysis you’re capable of locating key topics as well as sorting the comments for each of those topics and defining the sentiment.

It’s always listening—freeing you up for everything else

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Is the machine learning process of understanding text and voice data In the same way a human would. The human language Is ambiguous and structured In different ways that, even for humans, take years to fully learn. In layman’s terms: You’ll know immediately which parts of your employee- and customer journey to focus on next.

Discover the ongoing trends, opinions and
opportunities automatically

Use the power of machine learning and native language processing to uncover the latest patterns and trends In open text.
Allow trending topics being brought to the attention of the people that need to see them the most.
With Netigate reporting functions, discovered topics can be classified, filtered, analyzed and shared with ease.

Key features

Control which answers to be sent for TA and use the sentiment analysis to figure out which comments are positive, negative, neutral or mixed.

Assign values to level sentiments and track the change of value over time.

Define key words both automatically and manually to achieve your specific work goal.