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Meaningful text insights without the heavy lifting

Let AI-powered Text Analysis transform the way you work with open-text responses. Get business-critical insights and unleash the power of individual voices instantly.

  • Sentiment analysis helps you to instantly identify positive, neutral, & negative responses.
  • Identify patterns in text responses.
  • Uncover the 'why' behind metrics like (e)NPS and CSAT.
  • Sort feedback into topics defined by you.
  • Combine topics with sentiment analysis to identify growth and improvement opportunities.
  • Cost-effective analysis of free text.
Text Analysis with Netigate

What is Text Analysis?


Machine learning technology makes it possible for our tool to understand text data. In a nutshell: Text Analysis is smart. Really smart. It sorts through your text answers, categorising them and finding patterns. This means that it does the hard work for you, helping you to get actionable insights from your text answers in no time at all.

Why you need Text Analysis


Using open-text questions is one of the best ways to gather quality feedback from your customers and employees. The responses are a goldmine for meaningful and actionable insights. But analysing them manually is time-consuming and impossible to scale.
This is where Netigate's text insight engine comes in to play. Intelligent, swift, and scalable, it helps you to quickly extract information from text responses and get to the heart of what your customers and employees really think.


Understand how people feel

  • Instantly identify the sentiment or 'feelings' being expressed in text responses.
  • Identify which answers are positive, negative, neutral or mixed.
  • Fast processing and analysis allows you to act quickly when necessary.
  • Consistent, quality data is extracted every time, so no insight is missed.
  • Does the tedious work for you, so you can focus on improving experiences.

    Categorise and spot patterns

  • Instantly get an overview of recurring & important words and phrases.
  • Identify patterns by highlighting keywords and phrases across answers.
  • Quickly identify what respondents are talking about.
  • Define keywords to achieve your goals.
  • Text Analysis_Topics_Departments


    Group answers into topics defined by you

  • Sort your qualitative text data into topics of your choice.
  • Text answers are automatically organised to give you an instant overview of responses relevant to selected initiatives and focus areas.
  • Filter and share open-text answers with those who can take action.
  • Align your teams around topics and respond quickly to feedback.
  • Let us show you how Text Analysis works

    Book a free meeting with a member of our team and we'll demo Text Analysis for you!

    Netigate_Text Analysis_Qualitative meets Quantitative


    A holistic view of all your feedback

  • Enhance quantitative feedback data with qualitative text responses.
  • Tune in to the individual voices of your employees and customers.
  • Uncover the 'why' behind quantitive metrics like (e)NPS and CSAT.
  • Get a complete overview of all customer and employee feedback— whatever the format.
  • Text Analysis_Weeks of Work in Minutes_2


    Turn weeks of work into minutes

  • Say goodbye to manually sorting through text responses in Excel.
  • Accelerate your productivity by removing the need to read answers one by one.
  • No amount of feedback is too much for text analysis to handle.
  • Save time, effort, and free up resources across your organisation.
  • Understand the people who matter most to your business

    Your employees
    Your employees
    Modernise your people processes with sentiment analysis. Keep your finger on the pulse of exactly how your employees are feeling and why.
    Your customers
    Your customers
    Take action on customer feedback quickly. Instantly identify comments with negative sentiment, allowing you to flag complaints, urgent requests, and find solutions sooner.
    Your markets
    Your markets
    Put your open-text answers to work, helping you to conduct market research, enter new territories, evaluate brand reputation, and improve your offering.

    Do more, faster, with Netigate

    Expert support
    We offer a global solution with local support and consultancy. Our in-house experts will guide you in asking the right questions and making data-driven decisions.
    Secure & GDPR-compliant
    Data security is our top priority. Your sensitive customer and employee feedback data is safe with us. We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant with servers in the EU, meaning you can safely gather your feedback online.
    Integration friendly
    With Netigate API, you can build custom data integrations that will adapt to your existing workflows. This allows you to save time and work smarter by automating feedback.
    Powerful but intuitive, the Netigate Feedback platform makes it easy to create, distribute and analyse surveys. Start from scratch or use our expertly-crafted templates, and then reach your audience on their terms.
    Multi-language support
    Netigate offers surveys in 65+ different languages, making it the perfect survey solution for global companies.
    heart-circle icon
    Unlimited responses
    Analyse as many text answers as you need to gather quality feedback and the necessary data for your analysis.
    Use the power of machine learning and native language processing to uncover sentiment and patterns and in open text.
    Quickly identify text responses from customers and employees that requires immediate action.
    With the Netigate reporting function, you can apply filters, breakdowns, and create individualised reports with ease.

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    Text Analysis FAQ

    Text Analysis is part of the existing Netigate report function, with artificial intelligence making it possible for the tool to understand and analyse text data faster than a human would.

    It uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to sort through thousands of text answers, categorising them and finding patterns in a consistent, unbiased, and scalable way.

    It essentially does the tedious, manual work for you, giving you a clear picture of what your customers and employees need and want.

    Key components of Text Analysis include:
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Keyword extraction
  • Topics
  • In loads of ways! Text Analysis is an integrated part of the existing Netigate report function, so it means you can use it in combination with filters and breakdowns to help you link text answers to various other questions and background data.

    Without software like Text Analysis, open-text responses need to be sorted manually. This is time-consuming, often using up excessive resources and costs. Text Analysis automates a lot of the hard work for you, meaning you can work more comfortably and quickly with large amounts of text data. This means you can focus your time and resources on using the text answers you receive to make a real difference.
    Not at the moment, but we’d love to give you a completely free demo to show you how it works. No strings attached! You can book a time that suits you here.
    You just need to let us know! You can reach out to your Netigate Account Manager, fill in our contact form here, or even use our website chat function if it’s open. We can get you up and running in no time.