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Recorded Webinars

Text analysis to automate and improve analysis of customers and employee surveys

November 3, 2022, 12:00 - 12:45
Jarle Hildrum
Jarle Hildrum Head of HR Analytics, Telenor Research
Henrik Ceder
Henrik Ceder Chief Growth Officer, Netigate

Using open-text questions is one of the best ways to gather quality feedback from customers and employees. The responses are a goldmine for meaningful and actionable insights. But analysing them manually is time-consuming and impossible to scale.

In this video we are exploring the power of text analysis when working with free text answers in surveys. Dr Jarle Hildrum from Telenor Group will share why and how Telenor uses text analysis to understand their collected feedback to create actionable insights. In addition to this Netigates Chief Growth Officer, Henrik Ceder, will elaborate more on the topic of why integrated feedback matters.

Topics covered:

  • What text analysis is and how to work with it to free up time for more rewarding work
  • The importance of working with free text questions and what you can learn from it
  • Why integrated feedback matters

About Jarle Hildrum 

Jarle is Head of HR Analytics at Telenor Group and holds a PhD in innovation studies from the University of Oslo. During the last 8 years Jarle has been working at Telenor leading research teams in the areas of HR-analytics and organisation change . Jarle has over 10 years of university research experience, including University of Oslo and Stanford.

About Henrik Ceder

Henrik has an extensive product background and has held various local and global leadership roles in product management, go to market and portfolio management. He has led the product development at Netigate for the past few years and has played a big role in our newest feature – Text analysis.