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Learning why some employees leave is critical for understanding how to make others stay. Exit interviews guide you in what needs to be improved in order to retain your best talent.

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Include employee exit surveys in your HR strategy

It may be too late to win back lost employees, but exit surveys will give you insights into why they chose to leave. This feedback shines a light on where improvements can be made, guiding you in refining the employee experience for remaining and future talent.
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Avoid losing your best employees in the future

You can in many cases avoid employees quitting because of dissatisfaction with their work if you work smarter and start asking your former employees why they chose to leave. Their answers are often the most honest information you can get and they will give you important feedback on how to avoid losing employees in the future. Exit surveys are a helpful tool in your strategy to make your organisation the best workplace possible.

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"Netigate enables us to share direct insights with our key stakeholders immediately, thus enabling action planning to commence without delay"

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