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Pulse survey software for fast, frequent employee feedback

The key to continuous insights, progress, and better employee engagement

  • Measure and track engagement, initiatives, and other KPIs.
  • Quick surveys that are fast and easy to complete.
  • Frequent insights keep you up-to-date and in the loop.
  • Suitable for use with all employees or specific groups.
  • Complements your annual engagement survey.
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The purpose of pulse

Stay connected
Stay connected
Staying connected to your employees is essential to achieve and maintain employee engagement.

Keep up
Keep up
Things change, and with a continuous dialogue we can keep up with the areas that are of importance to employees at different times.
Identify emerging challenges
Identify emerging challenges
By measuring engagement levels on a regular basis, we can identify areas on the downfall and make proactive decisions.
Evaluate actions
Evaluate actions
Did we hit the mark, or do we need to take additional action? Evaluating the effect is essential to determine progress in practice.
Netigate EX_Employee engagement circle

Netigate's new employee engagement platform

In summer 2023 we'll be releasing our brand new employee experience platform: Netigate EX. Designed to help you measure and improve employee engagement through pulse surveys, it will help you to transform your business from the inside out. Click below to read more and sign up now for free, early bird access.
Company pulse
Company pulse eNPS with Netigate
Company pulse
Measures key drivers and KPIs across the organisation to track engagement levels over time in a pulse program.
Team pulse
Team pulse survey with Netigate
Team pulse
Puts the team in focus by enabling each manager to continuously measure the engagement drivers that matter the most to them.
Theme pulse
Theme pulse with Netigate employee pulse software
Theme pulse
When changes occur in the organisation, theme pulse surveys are used to gain insights into those specific initiatives.
employee pulse software with Netigate


Continuous insights and progress

  • Analyse results for the whole company or teams to discover strengths and challenges.
  • Track your results over time to evaluate progress and track changes.
  • Get your results in real-time and easily generate reports for key stakeholders.
  • Set clear and realistic actions for improving your results.

The engagement solution you've been looking for

With 20 years of experience and expertise, we have the platform and the people you need to start understanding and improving engagement at your company.

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Your employee pulse questions answered

Pulse surveys are short, quick surveys that help businesses to collect regular feedback from their employees. They are sent frequently and tend to contain a set selection of questions that seek to gain employees' opinions on topics such as their role, management, communication at the company, and the work environment.
Pulse surveys are send regularly, as the name suggests! This can be on a monthly or quarterly basis, for example. Ultimately, the frequency of employee pulse surveys will depend on the needs and dynamics of your organisation.

Monthly surveys help to provide a detailed view of how employees and let employees act on feedback quickly. Quarterly pulses, on the other hand, are useful for identifying long-term patters and trends.
Pulse surveys can give you valuable insights into the employee experience at your company. This will help you to understand what employees needs, their concerns, and their overall levels of engagement. Pulse solutions like Netigate EX are even designed to help you understand what factors are driving these different elements of engagement.
Netigate EX is our brand new employee engagement tool. It has been designed entirely to help you focus on measuring, tracking, and improving employee engagement. With this new platform you can:

  • Access our scientifically-backed pulse surveys.

  • Get real recommendations, based on the feedback you receive, for improving engagement.

  • Build a company culture based on the voices of your employees.

  • Increase employee engagement, improve employees' performance, and increase retention.