Pulse surveys

Quick, frequent, and trackable, pulse surveys are the key to continuous insights and progress.

Fast and frequent feedback

✔ Measure and track engagement, initiatives, and other KPIs
✔ Quick surveys that are fast and easy to complete
✔ Frequent insights keep you up-to-date and in the loop
✔ Suitable for use with all employees or specific groups
✔ Complements your annual engagement survey

Stay connected

Staying connected to your employees is essential to achieve and maintain employee engagement.

Keep up

Things change, and with a continuous dialogue we can keep up with the areas that are of importance to employees at different times.

Identify emerging challenges

By measuring engagement levels on a regular basis, we can identify areas on the downfall and make proactive decisions.

Evaluate actions

Did we hit the mark, or do we need to take additional action? Evaluating the effect is essential to determine progress in practice.

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Company pulse
Company pulse eNPS with Netigate
Company pulse
Measures key topics and KPIs across the organisation to track engagement levels over time in a pulse program.
Team pulse
Team pulse survey with Netigate
Team pulse
Puts the team in focus by enabling each manager to continuously measure the topics that matter the most to them.
Theme pulse
Theme pulse with Netigate
Theme pulse
When changes occur in the organization, theme pulse surveys are used to gain insights into those specific initiatives.

Pulse with Netigate 

Netigate Pulse Offering  

Continuous insights and progress

Continuous insights with Netigate
Continuous insights with Netigate

✔ Analyze the aggregated results, and results for each department to discover strengths and challenges

✔ Compare results from each pulse using time filters to evaluate progress

✔ Generate real-time, online reports to share within your organization

✔ Highlight strengths and areas to prioritize

✔ Set clear and realistic targets for improving the result