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A good governance begins with great leaders. Evaluate your Board to build a stronger leaders through Netigate's Feedback platform.

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The importance and value of board evaluations

Regular board evaluations can help us to reassure that the board is committed to continuous improvement to build leadership capability.
The board assessments have become an increasingly important element of measuring and improving board performance. Every organisation need to evaluate their work to set long terms goals .
Today, many of the best boards are increasingly looking for a broad evaluation.

Netigate survey platform provides you with a basis for important business decisions and improves leadership from employees to the CEO and board through digital surveys
Our platform is easy to use but at the same time incredibly powerful. 3,500 companies worldwide use Netigate's survey platform to gain real insights that invite action. Quick, easy & secure.

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Start from scratch or use a template - Our intuitive interface lets you easily create surveys without prior experience.
Multiple distribution methods - Reach your audience on their terms. Send surveys via email, links, API or with individual logins.
Responsive, attractive, and flexible design - Netigate is designed to work - and look good - on multiple mobile platforms.
Turn data into insights - Easily sort data with filters of your choice, before sharing custom reports with your colleagues.
4 perspectives on leadership during corona with Netigate

6 crucial leadership behaviours for 2019

Leadership positions are an aspiration for many in the business world, but they’re also ones that come with a lot of responsibility.
It’s important to make the distinction between good leader and good manager. Think back to the classic Bill Gates prediction: “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”
As the traditional pyramid hierarchy continues to flatten across the globe, it’s the leaders who can inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in their teams who stand out.

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“We are going to redo this research in one or two years. How the numbers change next time we conduct the survey will be a good measure of how well we have done our job.”

zbOlle Nyman, CEO,
Astrid Lindgren Company
We take your security seriously, with full GDPR compliance and servers based in the EU.
Our in-house team of insight consultants offers continuous support and expertise.
Powerful but intuitive, with insights and reports available at the click of a button.
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