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Egmont Publishing

Nina Grannes
Nina Grannes
Brand and Insights Manager

About Story House Egmont

Story House Egmont is one of the three largest media groups in Norway, with a presence stretching back more than 100 years ago. Story House Egmont has a leading position in the Norwegian market when it comes to TV, movies, cinema, magazines, online magazines and publishers. Story House Egmont is Norway’s largest newspaper store and publishes a number of newspapers weekly. The company is a market leader in the newspaper industry and publishes many of the country’s oldest and best-selling weekly magazines such as Home, Vi Menn, Bonytt and Kalle Anka. Story House Egmont Norway contacted Netigate in December 2016 for help in leading a project focusing on measuring subscribers’ loyalty. For five months, Netigate conducted various tests and measurements, which provided a good basis for deeper analysis and insight into what would lead to further success for Story House Egmont.

The project

The project was set up with the following KPIs: monthly Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurements, satisfaction levels of the magazine’s content and front page, and magazine delivery. The survey was delivered via SMS and took under two minutes to complete. Despite a young audience where participation in surveys is typically lower, we collected over 2200 responses, which translated to a 14.4% average response rate.

After the completion of the project, Netigate analyzed the results. Statistical information from Egmont Publishing’s own customer base was added to the survey results, which provided Egmont with new and very useful insights about its subscribers. The most valuable insight we discovered was a direct link between the NPS score and termination. This metric showed that 60% of those with low scores in Q1 were no longer customers in Q3. Thus, Egmont Publishing had a clear indication of which customers should be contacted to avoid customer exit.

The solution

These insights were particularly important for Egmont Publishing as they typically work with highly targeted churn prediction models.

This is just one example of what businesses can achieve by discovering insights and actioning them in their day-to-day work. Since the completion of the project, Story House Egmont has become a loyal client of Netigate. Today they have full access to the Netigate platform and use it daily to evaluate dozens of their magazines. The company has also adopted the additional Managed Services product, which provides their users with free access to consulting services when necessary. For example, this could include hosting a course, evaluating a survey or managing a major project.


Story House Egmont has taken giant leaps forward into the world of fully automated surveys with Netigate. In addition, Netigate also enabled the company to address pain points for unhappy or unsatisfied customers or subscribers before they become bigger problems. Netigate is also useful in mitigating customer churn risks.

Story House Egmont At Story House Egmont, we have a strong focus on customer-oriented and insight-based working. We conduct customer surveys and internal pulse surveys regularly. We measure the effect of commercial collaborations and work actively with action plans to improve the customer journey. This is both important and exciting, and Netigate is a very valuable and useful tool in our insight work.

By setting up improvement measures based on our surveys, we make changes that we know are impactful for those who matter, namely the subscribers. Netigate has helped throughout the entire process, including with the technology to set up surveys, but also by providing concrete advice regarding our strategic approach to feedback. Without this expertise, we would not have the insights we have today. Furthermore, we now see the how valuable the insights we get are.

Nina Grannes,  Brand and Insights Manager

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