About Netigate

2005 Company founded
130 Employees
16,000+ Active users
150 million Surveys sent

The feedback solution built for progress

Netigate’s solutions for customer and employee experience are built to ensure that collected insights go all the way into change initiatives that drive progress. We are confident that our unique setup with a strong platform at the core and teams of experts ranging from support to insight consultants is able to take you all the way in the journey to establish a culture where feedback is at core of quality decision making.

With our roots as a small Swedish consultancy with a will to help companies understand their customers better, Netigate has grown into a European leader with offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Frankfurt, counting some of the world’s most successful companies among our customers.

Our solutions

Customer Experience

Find out what's really going on in the mind of your customers. Customer satisfaction surveys, customer service, NPS or event evaluation - get the real insights with Netigate.

Employee Experience

Netigate is your effective and reliable tool for gathering employee feedback and increasing your overall employee satisfaction.

Market Research

Netigate delivers comprehensive research and feedback that will expand and improve your sales potential.


Per Ekstedt

Chief Executive Officer

Olof Willner

Chief Revenue Officer

Sophie Hedestad

Chief Marketing Officer

Yavor Adel

Chief Technology Officer


Tom Nyman

Tom Nyman

Dariush Ghatan

Dariush Ghatan

Board member
Martin Moran

Martin Moran

Board member
Thomas Nyström

Thomas Nyström

Board member

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