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Embedded questions

Faster, fuss-free feedback

The embedded question feature allows you to embed a survey question directly in an email. Respondents can leave their answers without moving away from their inboxes! This makes life easier for them and encourages higher response rates.


• Answer directly in an email
• Fast, one-click responses
• Potentially higher response rates
• Option to open complete survey after answering

Embedded questions are immediately available on emails sent directly from the Netigate tool. Embedding questions in other email tools is possible but requires technical adjustments on your end. Our Netigate experts are at your disposal with further information.

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Make it easier to leave feedback

Easily add embedded questions into your email send outs so participants can answer without leaving their inbox

Is this included in my license?
The embedded questions feature is included in Professional & Enterprise licenses, but can be purchased separately as an add-on.
What is the stage of development?
You can start using the feature right away, but it is currently only available for NPS questions.
Who can help me?
Our Netigate experts are always happy to assist you and ensure a successful implementation.