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Recorded Webinars

How to create a positive work culture

March 7, 2023, 12:00 - 13:00
Aurelie Litynski
Aurelie Litynski Positive Work Culture Specialist

In this webinar Aurelie Litynski explores the why, what, and how behind creating a positive culture for employees at work.

Netigate is joined by Aurelie Litynski, Happiness at Work expert and TEDx speaker, who inspired you in how to apply positive psychology in business and create a positive work culture.

You will gain new ideas, science-based insights, hands-on tools, and a better understanding of the role happiness can play in a healthy and dynamic workplace.


  • Awareness of how you can apply positive psychology in business.
  • 4-step strategy to create a positive work culture.
  • Reflect and get tips on how to boost your team’s happiness, engagement and performance.
  • Negativity bias: What is it & how to reduce it at work?
  • Find out your own definition of happiness at work.
  • Learn how to train your brain and boost positive emotions at work.
  • Q&A.

About the speaker

Aurelie Litynski, founder of Happitude at Work GmbH and TEDx speaker, has been trained by leading global experts on the topic of positive psychology, neurosciences, happiness at work and change management.

Her expertise spans a variety of industries across the world and targets SMEs, multinational organisations and corporate leaders helping them to boost positivity, productivity and performance in the workplace.

Aurelie is definitely on a mission: turning frustrations at work into happiness at work!