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Recorded Webinars

Level 3: Netigate Academy

June 5, 2023,
Erik Terzi
Erik Terzi Customer Success Manager at Netigate

In-depth: Digital reports

In this video, we focus on how you can create digital reports directly in the platform, and easily share results and insights with others— both inside and outside of your organisation.

With the help of digital reports, valuable administrative time can be saved whilst still creating tailored reports.

This academy session is suitable for those of you who already have some experience working with Netigate reports.


  • Applications for digital reports
  • Filterable/exportable digital reports
  • Handling of free text answers in reports
  • Special settings (password protection, cross-tabulation limits, display options)
  • Dos and don’ts when working with report links

If you want to learn how to distribute your results in a faster and more efficient way, we recommend you watch this video!