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Netigate launches text analysis transforming the way customers work with text responses

September 12, 2022

Stockholm 12th September 2022

Netigate, one of Europe’s leading providers of experience management, continues their growth journey with the launch of text analysis. An intelligent new feature for the survey platform, this release is set to transform the way Netigate’s customers work with open-text feedback. Alongside the company’s new partnership with the Nordic-based firm GRO Capital, this is yet another step in Netigate’s bid to establish an even stronger position in Europe.  

Text analysis is Netigate’s most intelligent product launch to date. Powered by machine learning AI technology, Text Analysis makes it possible for the Netigate tool to understand text data almost as a human would. This means that it can read and analyse text responses for business insights, removing the need for customers to manually sift through answers themselves.

Key features of Text Analysis include sentiment analysis, pattern identification, and keyword grouping. Sentiment analysis means the tool can instantly identify the ‘feelings’ being expressed in text responses, understanding which answers show positive, negative, neutral, or mixed sentiment. The tool can also categorise and spot patterns across unlimited text answers, helping Netigate users to quickly identify what survey respondents are talking about.

Henrik Ceder, Chief Growth Officer at Netigate says: “Text analysis is transformative for Netigate and our customers. From a company perspective, it shows our commitment to providing users with continual platform upgrades and developments. For customers, it’s going to change the way they work with text data, providing them with a scalable solution that allows them to take wiser decisions and be more data driven. And it doesn’t end here. We’re already working on future iterations of Text Analysis that will bring even more value to customers.”

This new product release comes during a period of rapid growth and expansion for Netigate. Last month, the company announced that the Nordic-based private equity firm GRO Capital had become a new major shareholder. Together with GRO Capital, Netigate will be able to provide customers with new, high-tech analytical releases at an accelerated pace. These will further simplify the analysis process and help transform insights into decisions that add true value to their business.

Netigate strives to give every voice value by inspiring companies and organisations to act on insights. The product vision is to provide a platform for unfiltered, rich feedback that delivers an authentic understanding of customers and employees.

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