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Netigate releases a new reporting tool for better feedback analysis

November 18, 2019

Netigate is one of the leading providers of cloud-based services for online surveys. A major update has been released to improve the layout and functionalities of the reporting tool.

The new reporting tool is easy to navigate, more user-friendly, faster and already available for all Netigate users.

Not only does it process data more efficiently, it also provides multiple new and improved ways for customers to share the results within their companies.

‘Our new reporting tool enables you to adjust the reports according to what suits your specific needs. Our vision is to provide a powerful and easy-to-navigate platform that also saves you time.’ — Marie Nilsson, UX Lead at Netigate

Netigate’s updated reporting tool has been optimised to handle large amounts of data. This means that users are now able to analyse each feedback survey in multiple different ways. For instance, a multinational company can easily create unique reports for different markets in one simple step.

An overview of additional reporting functionalities:

  • Export and share multiple versions in different formats that can easily be downloaded and shared via email.
  • Filter your results for set or ongoing periods of time. Compare how the results vary over time, from week, to month, to quarter. It is also possible to set a specific time period or sequence.
  • Get further insight into certain answers or specific data points. Search, filter, and sort among respondents or series. There is also the option to display, export, or remove specific respondents.
  • New functionalities are continually being added and developed.

Customers played an important role in the development of the new reporting tool, supporting the Product team in their testing and ensuring it remained user-friendly.

‘The entire product team was convinced of the importance of having our customers with us throughout the development process. The customer feedback has been immensely important for us because we want to make sure that the platform is suitable for companies of all sizes.’ –Marie Nilsson

To reach the updated dashboard, simply click on ‘New Report’ in the top left side of the current dashboard.

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