Single Sign-On

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Every company needs Single Sign-On

Single sign-on is an authentication solution that allows you to log in to multiple software systems with a single password. This convenient solution allows you to log in once and access all the services you need without re-entering your details. If you are a customer of Netigate, it's easy for you to connect your Active Directory to get Single Sign-On set up for your organisation.


  • Automates manual tasks and minimises the risk of cyber attacks.
  • User flows between systems remain up to date.
  • Easily control the access of your users.
  • Reduces administration time and effort.
  • Reduces logins.

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    Your main Netigate user only needs to log in once to your Active Directory for Single Sign-On to be activated.
    Active Directory
    Set additional security rules and/or define who can log in to Netigate. Avoid shared passwords and save time for your...
    User validation
    Only pre-defined domains and users can log in to Netigate seamlessly. Provide your users with filter limits.
    Netigate's ADFS checks that a user exists and if the claim can be matched before allowing access.
    Customer survey send out
    Once a user is authenticated in Netigate, they can setup and analyse surveys and start getting the most out of...