10 Tips And Tricks To Make A Successful Customer Survey

Learn How To Create Better Customer Surveys Netigate’s survey platform is designed…


February 4, 2019




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Learn How To Create Better Customer Surveys

Netigate’s survey platform is designed to help everyone, regardless of their previous experience with customer evaluation software.

But whether this is your first survey or your 50th, it’s helpful to learn or revisit some key basics about design and survey methodology. After all, better surveys lead to better data, which go a long way toward helping you understand your customer base. Plus, knowing some of the common questionnaire pitfalls can help you ask the right questions quickly and get actionable insights fast.

With that in mind, we’ve asked two of Netigate’s top experts in survey creation for their best tips and tricks on how even a beginner can maximize their response rates and get the greatest value out of their initial survey.

Online survey tools are a powerful way to get the information you need quickly and at scale. These same best practices apply whether you’re looking to conduct a customer satisfaction survey, determine your customer loyalty in real-time with an NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey, or effectively evaluate and measure customer churn.

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