Automating surveys is an efficient way of saving time and ensuring that the results reach the right recipients directly. Is your company thinking about starting to work with automated, event-controlled surveys? Here are eight questions to ask yourself to get a good idea of how an API connection can help your company.

  1. Which type or types of regular survey do you need to automate?
  2. Which questions should the survey contain? What do you want to find out?
  3. Which background variables can be taken from your own system? This may be information such as age or geographical location or information on purchasing patterns or customer groups.
  4. How is this data managed today? Which system is used and which background variables are important for your business?
  5. Which activity at a customer should cause a survey to be sent out? For example, this may be after a telephone call to your support team or when a customer has just made a purchase.
  6. When and to whom should the survey be sent automatically?
  7. How should the results be disseminated? For example, should management get general results while middle managers get results for their own department?
  8. Which type of dashboard should the survey results be linked to? Should they be displayed as comparisons over various periods of time and should comments be presented as word clouds or in lists?

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