Assure user experience with online surveys

With Responsive Design you are automatically able to provide your survey participants who use mobile devices with the same usability as on a PC.

All representations and functions of the online questionnaires are dynamically adapted to the display of each device so that it can be used perfectly well for mobile access.

Thus the poor legibility and hassle of zooming in while answering questionnaires using a smartphone or tablet belong to the past.

Create a survey in minutes

  • Create surveys based on our templates
  • Send surveys via email, links, API or individual logins
  • Analyse responses with filters & AI

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Fewer dropouts in mobile access

Due to the ease of use the dropout rate from disappointed users with mobile access to online questionnaires is greatly reduced. Other advantages of the responsive layouts are:

Fewer input errors due to poor representation.
Time and cost savings, as the creation of various questionnaires is no longer required.
No subsequent merging of desktop and mobile surveys necessary.

Mobile surveys via SMS and QR-Code

With mobile surveys via SMS and QR code, you are able to reach your target audience directly on the spot. Questionnaires will be sent out via SMS or published by QR-Code and the participants respond on the mobile browser of their smartphone. Here, Responsive Design ensures the ease of use.