Black and blue or white and gold? #dressgate

Last week the Twitter world was engaged in discussions about the colour of a certain dress. An optical illusion made some people think that the dress was white and gold, while others thought it was blue and black. The American website Buzzfeed first picked up the news which led to a new record with more than 670.000 visitors on the site at the same time. Within 24 hours, the articles about the dress had given Buzzfeed more than 41 Million views. Several celebrities engaged in the discussions, including Kim Kardashian, Kayne West and the Prime minister of Singapore.

For the fashion firm Roman Originals, the dress debate was a huge success. According to IBT, sales soared to a whopping 347% on Friday.

The hashtags #dressgate and #thedress trended as the most used on Twitter on Friday with more than a million tweets. Even after 48 hours, there was no consensus on the exact colour of the dress.

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The final answer

At Netigate, we decided to find the answer to this question and let twitter users decide. We distributed an online opinion poll with Netigate on Twitter and within hours, we reached more than a thousand answers. The answer is clear: 55% says the dress is white and gold, 45% says it is blue and black.

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