Sometimes it can be useful to view your results from more than just one perspective. With a Side by side matrix you enlighten one question from two perspectives. The result can be presented in a spider chart.

spindeldiagramexempel E.g scenario:

We want to know what the employees think about their managers giving them positive and negative feedback. What we want to find out is to what extent the managers give positive or negative feedback, but also how important this is for the employees.

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This is how you create a side by side matrix:

1. Choose response mechanism Matrix-weighted.

2. Add the questions (about positive and negative feedback) and response alternatives (to what extent the manager gives feedback or not). Give the alternatives a weight. Tick Side by side matrix. Save. Now two matrices will be created that are connected to each other.


3. Click Edit on the second matrix. Add new response alternatives (about how important it is for the employee to receive feedback from their manager). Keep the same weights. Save.

4. Done!