Employee Commitment

A co-worker expresses the wish to take a course in advertising on social media. Is it really necessary? Everyone is on Facebook anyway, and how hard can it be to create an ad there? There was another training during spring. And the sales have not been that good this autumn … can the expense really be motivated? Courses and training are often expensive and it is difficult to measure how competence development pays off, but it’s usually a good sign when an employee want to continue their education – it suggests commitment and dedication.

Employee commitment does not come from nothing

The truth is that commitment and dedication from your employees must be earned. One way to start is to measure your Employee Net Promoter Score to assess your employees current level of satisfaction.

If the result of the survey is not what you had hoped, perhaps you should ask yourself when you last offered your employees a chance to develop their skills.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that satisfied employees who feel they are growing are more likely to commit and dedicat to their employer.

Invest in your employees and you invest in the future

Of course even if your staff are well-trained their knowledge and expertise can grow dated as times and roles change. In particular, many employee satisfaction surveys can uncover that there is dissatisfaction with how employers manage competency development.

For example, your employees often highly value developing competencies such as leadership and project management. Through employee surveys, you’ll gain a good understanding of what kind of training your employees want.

Remember to keep management competencies up to date

Employee satisfaction surveys also often reveal that management competence is the one of the most important aspects when it comes to building trust in the workplace. Therefore another best practice is to let everyone participate in a survey, including managers. As well as give everyone the opportunity to express their development needs.

It is essential that anyone in a leadership position feels comfortable with their role.

Even good leaders need support for their ongoing development!

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