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About Gothaer

Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG is one of the largest German insurance companies, with more than 4 billion Euro in contribution earnings and about 3.5 million insured members. They provide a wide variety of insurance types.

Technical Support Satisfaction Increased

Gothaer uses Netigate’s services in the market research department for different survey projects throughout the whole company. Among others, Voice of Employee and Satisfaction surveys are conducted. For example, for a number of years, the satisfaction of freelance insurance agents with the technical sales support team has been monitored regularly. On the basis of these results, Gothaer has deduced and conducted actions, which have led to a distinct increase in satisfaction.

Ulrich Borchmann also views as a success, the fact that working with Netigate resulted in a strengthening of the market research department as an internal service provider. More and more departments contact the company’s own market research department for their survey projects, instead of seeking external providers.

“We have increased our recognition and linked the whole company better. Netigate is an appreciated tool for conducting surveys in our company.”

Netigate Fulfills All Aspects Of Data Privacy

One reason for this appreciation across the whole corporation is the fact that using Netigate’s services, data privacy and anonymity are assured, according to Ulrich Borchmann. The tool complies with all requirements from the safety department and from the different work councils, which need to be considered for employee surveys.

“Our corporate security department and the work councils have put Netigate to the acid test and found them to be secure. The tool fulfils all data safety requirements and all criteria for anonymity.”

Creating Appealing Questionnaires

Another advantage of Netigate is the endless design options, Netigate users at Gothaer say. These allow them to generate very comprehensive questionnaires in a way that keeps respondents engaged and achieves high returns.

“With the Netigate software we have been able to achieve all our requirements up to now.”

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