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About S-IMK

The “Institut für Marketing und Kundenbindung GmbH” (S-IMK) offers system solutions, concepts and advice services in the areas of marketing, sales and increasing customer loyalty to the companies of Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. Parts of this are the development, support and engagement of bonus programmes, added value accounts or credit cards. The S-IMK is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe.

The Challenge

The S-IMK as a marketing institute conducts online surveys regularly in the context of prize draws with participating customers. Participants reach the questionnaire via a link placed on the campaign website. The conducting of the survey and, in particular, the analysis of the results, were very time consuming and cost-intensive while using an in-house solution, not least because of the large number of participants and gathered data.

The Solution

While looking for a professional solution, the S-IMK tested Netigate within the framework of a project licence. Thomas Scholl, project manager at S-IMK, was immediately convinced by the Netigate software.

  • As a big advantage, he sees the comprehensive analysis opportunities of the software: While having previously needed a lot of time, with Netigate all results are available in real time. Analysis and intermediate reports can be generated at any time with a single click and can be exported in various formats.
  • Another plus point for him is the comprehensive filter functions of Netigate. The results can be filtered quickly and easily for example by target group, area etc.
  • Scholl finds it very useful that, for example, Microsoft Word documents can be directly copied into Netigate. This way, questionnaires can be generated almost automatically.

“With Netigate, the data of about 35,000 survey participants can easily be collected and analysed. With just one click, intermediate results are available. This way we save time and costs.”

The Results

After the successful first trial, Thomas Scholl introduced Netigate’s solution into other product areas as well, and today there are different survey projects conducted with Netigate throughout the whole company. For example, the institute conducts surveys for product satisfaction and product development on behalf of Sparkassen. The knowledge garnered from this helps Sparkassen to successfully realign and optimize their offers. The S-IMK can distinguish itself in its function as a service provider and establish rationale for the future use of their services.

“Overall Netigate makes things a lot easier for us in comparison to how we conducted surveys before. We save time and costs and can work more professionally and successfully.”

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