Netigate provides a perceptive link between a company and its employees

Fresenius Kabi collects employee feedback with Netigate so they can help their workforce reach their full potential. More than 1,500 customers worldwide use Netigate to understand their employees better, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.


Employee Engagement

Happy employees are more motivated to drive your business forward. Netigate’s employee engagement survey, integrating the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), lets you easily measure your staff’s motivation and engagement and see the results in real-time. By collecting the right data about your employees you can hone your HR strategy to improve results.

Employee Satisfaction

An employee satisfaction survey will deliver clear and actionable feedback on how your company could improve and where you are doing well. Having effective insights from your employees allows you to create the perfect environment for them to flourish professionally.

Employee Onboarding

Ensuring that your new employees integrate and adapt comfortably to their new workplace means greater employee satisfaction. It also means that they can get up to speed in terms of productivity as quickly as possible. An employee onboarding survey will help you to evaluate and improve your recruitment process as well as new staff’s initiation to the company.

360 Degree Feedback

Getting feedback from individuals at different levels of the company’s structure gives a more holistic view of the workplace. When compared to a manager’s own opinions of how things are functioning, similarities and differences can be identified, enabling adjustments to be made. A 360 Degree Feedback survey provides managers with the feedback they need to enhance their effectiveness.

Think strategically

Become independent from external consultants - gather and analyse feedback yourself

+ Gather insights and take decisions
+ Independence from external consultants
+ Focus on your own business goals
+ Get great help from our customer service

Take it easy

35,000+ users world-wide are sending millions of surveys a year with Netigate

+ User-friendly interface
+ Analyse your data in real-time
+ Powerful solution for global enterprises

Real teamwork

A real team player - thanks to smart user management

+ Key insights without complexity
+ Easy to navigate reports
+ Adopt your branding

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