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“Netigate supported us in all use cases by creating surveys quickly and efficiently. Netigate is backed by a friendly and customer-oriented team who are always ready to help and advise.”
Employee experience
Improve engagement, promote professional development, and assess the success of business initiatives.
Customer experience
Get feedback from your clients on everything you do. From projects, to service, and sales— we've got you covered.
Market research
Get to know your current market or explore new ones with product research, website feedback, and panel research.

Employee Experience


Employee Engagement

What do your employees really think and how engaged are they?

The energy industry faces many challenges. This includes the transition to renewable energy, new and more complex regulations, and higher demands from customers. New technology means additional demands on employees and the need for continuous professional development. To improve efficiency, increase profitability, find and retain competent staff, energy companies need regular and in-depth insights from employees. By listening to them, you get important and actionable insights about what works well and what needs to be improved to create a sustainable business.
  • Encourage engagement by listening to your employees.
  • Track satisfaction over time with the employee Net Promoter Score.
  • Use onboarding & exit surveys to improve the experience.
  • Create surveys adapted for mobile and reach your employees wherever they are.
  • Employee engagement_hand_laptop
    Employee engagement_hand_laptop

    Leadership and Development

    Feedback to help you and your employees excel.

  • 360° feedback gives leaders a multi-faceted view of their performance.
  • Evaluate specific business initiatives with targeted pulse surveys.
  • Measure the impact of decisions with management reviews.
  • Benchmark and track
    Benchmark and track
    Benchmark and track
    Set benchmarks to measure yourself against and track how engagement levels change over time.
    Easy reporting
    Netigate_Reporting_Word cloud
    Easy reporting
    Add filters and create different report versions, for different stakeholders, in just a few clicks.
    A global solution
    Netigate multi-language survey options
    A global solution
    With multi-language support, Netigate is the perfect choice for international brands.
    Surveys on demand
    employee pulse survey
    Surveys on demand
    It's easy to collect feedback from the entire organisation— or individual teams— as and when you need to.


    Find out exactly what Netigate can do for you with a guided tour of the platform.

    Customer experience



    Feedback on your products and services

    The energy industry is constantly changing and so are your customers' needs. Reach out to those who use your products or services to gain important insights into what works well and what needs to be improved.
  • Gain important and actionable insights about your company by conducting customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Track KPIs such as your Net Promoter Score over time.
  • Evaluate, manage and prevent customer churn with regular feedback.
  • Gather feedback at different project stages to make sure everything is on track.
  • Customer Experience

    One-stop shop for feedback
    Create a survey with Netigate
    One-stop shop for feedback
    Create, send, and analyse your surveys using our cloud-based platform. Or let our in-house experts guide the way.
    Measure and track satisfaction
    eNPS and NPS with Netigate_Platform screenshot
    Measure and track satisfaction
    Improve your customer loyalty with annual satisfaction surveys of regular Net Promoter Score (NPS) monitoring.
    Wherever and whenever
    Survey form
    Wherever and whenever
    It's easy to reach your customers on their terms with Netigate. Choose from 7 different survey distribution methods.
    Seamless integration
    Seamless integration
    With Netigate API, you can easily connect our platform with your existing CRM and other software.

    No strings attached

    Market research

    Market research with Netigate
    Market research with Netigate

    Market research

    Stop the guess work when it comes to new markets, products, and projects.

  • Make data-driven decisions about new products and entering new markets.
  • Get insights to support your planning, budgeting, and initiatives.
  • Keep up with your competition and stay on top of market trends.
  • Evaluate your brand.
  • Website feedback
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    Website feedback
    Get direct feedback from your website visitors with Netigate's website forms, widgets, and surveys.
    Opinion polls
    Opinion polls with Netigate market research
    Opinion polls
    External factors affect your organisation every day. Opinion polls help you predict the future and stay ahead.
    Product research
    Product research with Netigate
    Product research
    Understand the needs of your target market and get vital feedback on new products or the development of existing ones.
    Panel research
    Netigate panel research with Cint client
    Panel research
    Need more respondents? No problem. Giving you access to millions of new people, panel research makes getting relevant insights easier than ever.

    Your investment

    Based entirely on the needs of your company, we can build a plan that fits you perfectly.

    Get ahead with Netigate

    Ask as many questions as you need to gather quality feedback and the necessary data for your analysis.
    Your personal customer team helps you throughout your journey to ensure that you get the most value from Netigate.
    Working offline? No problem. All data will be saved within the app until the device reconnects to a network.
    Netigate’s survey platform collects feedback and provides real-time results and automated, insightful reporting.
    Create your individual survey from our library or have a template programmed in your corporate design.
    Netigate's API can easily be integrated with your CRM to analyse, share, and collaborate on insights with others.
    Our surveys are all optimised for mobile responsiveness and are designed to fit multiple devices and screen sizes.
    Netigate offers surveys in 65+ different languages, making it the perfect survey solution for global companies.