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Ditmar Ott
Ditmar Ott
Process and System Manager
IndustrySewage, Waste, Electricity & Water

About EnBW

EnBW Energie Baden-WĂĽrttemberg AG – our name reflects our roots and our commitment. Over one hundred years ago our predecessors started bringing electricity and thus industry and growth to Baden-WĂĽrttemberg. Today we are one of the biggest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe. With more than 21,000 employees, EnBW is one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe, supplying approximately 5.5 million customers with electricity, gas and water as well as offering energy solutions and energy services.

The challenge

At EnBW, we use Netigate as a feedback solution somewhat more creatively than the more traditional application. In addition to conducting annual customer and employee surveys, we use Netigate in the following areas:

Use Case 1:

We faced the challenge of measuring the satisfaction of the EnBW “Event Management” internal product (meeting and event rooms in EnBW Real Estate Management). We looked for a feedback solution that would generate KPIs and measure the level of performance of the Facility Management Service Provider (FM Service Provider) in event management.

Use Case 2:

It was also necessary to measure the operational safety and product satisfaction of the EnBW “Mobility” internal product. “Mobility“ includes EnBW pool vehicles, and we were concerned with the customer satisfaction of users as well as rapid feedback on vehicle malfunctions (increasing occupational safety when using EnBW pool vehicles). Here too, we looked for a feedback solution that would generate KPIs and also increase the operational reliability of EnBW pool vehicles.

Use Case 3:

As a third area of activity we wanted to measure the presence of facility management service providers (FM service providers) at various EnBW locations. In addition to generating KPIs, we also looked for a feedback solution to ensure the quality of the FM service provider’s operational responsibility.

Goals and Expectations

  • QR codes (survey link) as easy access to the survey for the customer
  • Anonymization
  • A simple tool for implementing requirements
  • Immediate feedback on results to the contact person by email
  • Servers located inside the EU
  • Service provider compliance with the BDSG or GDPR

The solution

Use Case 1:

Measuring the product satisfaction of the EnBW “Event Management” internal product
QR codes were installed in the EnBW meeting rooms (160 rooms at 4 locations), which offer every EnBW employee, external employee or guest the opportunity to assess the quality of the room prepared by the contracted facility management service provider (FM service provider) by answering three questions. The evaluation criteria are, for example, the cleanliness of the room, the size the room, the equipment in the room and the functionality of the technology (projector, videoconferencing system, etc.). If the quality quota agreed with the FM-DL is not met, the FM service provider’s monthly invoice is reduced.
Participants: EnBW Real Estate Management, FM service providers, EnBW meeting room users.

Use Case 2:

Measurement of the operational safety and product satisfaction of the EnBW “Mobility” internal product
QR codes (link to survey) were applied to all 250 EnBW pool vehicles, by means of which vehicle users 1.) Can provide feedback on product mobility (use of an EnBW pool vehicle) (NPS), and 2.) can report vehicle defects/malfunctions (selection from defects catalogue). This feedback is sent by email directly to the vehicle dispatcher, enabling a quick response (scheduling a repair shop appointment, delivering a replacement vehicle, etc.)
Participants: EnBW Real Estate Management, EnBW Mobility and Office Services, EnBW pool vehicle users

Use Case 3:

Measurement of the presence of facility management service providers (FM service providers) at the various EnBW locations (160)
At the EnBW locations managed by EnBW Real Estate Management and operated by external FM service providers, QR codes (link to the survey) were provided for each type of service (internal maintenance cleaning, external grounds maintenance services, snow and ice clearing services and technical building management), which are to be used by the respective FM service provider.


  1. The indoor cleaning specialist uses a smartphone to scan the QR code UHR (maintenance cleaning). Feedback is then sent to the property manager by email: Provision of maintenance cleaning services at the XYZ site with timestamp. We use the same procedure in the outdoor areas for the provision of grounds maintenance services (cleaning of traffic routes) by the respective FM service provider. The service employee scans the QR code and an email is sent to the property manager.
  2. Service employees who provide technical building services (maintenance, inspection and testing of technical facilities), scan the appropriate QR code and an email is sent to the property manager.
  3. For snow and ice clearing services, a winter service deployment protocol is stored in the survey linked by the QR code, in which the FM service provider (winter service employee) contracted to provide this service documents the weather situation on site, the winter maintenance services performed, the reason for the provision of winter services, etc. This winter service provision report (completed survey) is sent directly to the property manager by email and is used to document “the FM service provider’s awareness of operator responsibility” (traffic safety obligation).
    Participants: EnBW Real Estate Management, FM service providers

Ditmar Ott, EnBW Process and System Manager
Netigate has enabled us to create surveys quickly and efficiently (specific Background variables) supported. Netigate’s friendly customer-oriented team is always available for support.


It is clear to us that a survey tool provides far more than "just" feedback from customers.
For us, concrete savings are secondary. For example, it is much more important to us that the "Mobility" product increases the operational safety of pool vehicles. Or that the snow and ice clearing service has legally compliant operating documentation in order to promptly ensure operator responsibility (clearance from liability in the event of damage).

Generally speaking, it can be said that the contracted FM service providers are aware that the client (EnBW) uses this procedure to generate key performance indicators for the monitoring of services, which in extreme cases (poor performance), may lead to a deduction in remuneration for services.

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