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Caroline GĆ„rd
Caroline GĆ„rd
Customer Relations Coordinator
IndustryBuilding & Construction

About Balder

Balder owns and develops housing and commercial premises in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. They stand for engagement, new thinking and want to be seen as a long-term partner for investors, business partners or tenants. Balder creates attractive and safe environments for people living or working in the area.

The challenge

Balder managers both residential and commercial properties, and has over 17,000 homes. Customer satisfaction is one of the company’s most important goals, and is a key area of focus. Employees across the businessā€”from administration and finances, through to rental and operationsā€”strive to have a strong understanding of customer needs.

B A home is a big part of one’s everyday life and so it is important that everything works. Despite good local knowledge, customer feedback is extremely important, as it helps us to see things that we ourselves may not see. If we do not measure and follow up on what our tenants think, we can not act on it and get better. I would say that it is very important for the real estate industry to work with feedback and data.

Caroline GĆ„rd,Ā Customer Relationship Coordinator at Balder

The solution

In Netigate’s platform, Balder works daily with different types of surveys to map how satisfied customers are and to capture their needs. In the tool, they can create surveys that are used centrally for the entire company, and in this way work uniformly with customer feedback to make sure that they are as satisfied as possible. They do, among other things, recurring surveys, ad hoc surveys and surveys for new production projects. Recurring surveys help Balder compare results over time and area. When it comes to ad hoc, for example, there may be an order from a manager who wants to measure customer satisfaction immediately after a case has been resolved to see if it has yielded results.

It is important for us to enable customers to tell us about their experience with their accommodation, their premises and our service. The best thing about Netigate is that we can easily create tailored surveys that are important to our company and our customers when we need to. One of the great advantages is that the surveys are easy for the tenants to answer, and we can capture their wishes and opinions in real time.

Caroline GĆ„rd,Ā Customer Relationship Coordinator, Balder

Investigations in new production

In addition to managing properties, Balder is also building new ones. By sending out surveys to their new tenants or buyers of newly produced condominiums, they gain important insights into what works well and less well for each specific project. It is important to take the customers’ opinions into account in order to make the ongoing project even better. In the case of new productions, they also have every opportunity to make changes to future projects that have not yet begun.


Customer surveys give Balder an increased understanding of what is important to the tenants and how they can drive the company’s improvement work. The feedback gives Balder important insights, particularly free text answers which allow tenants to give qualitative feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Balder is also able to track answers and comments in real time, which makes it easy and efficient to act on critical issues and problems as soon as possible. After surveys are completed, Balder also compiles the results and sets up action plans based on data and feedback from customers. The result is thus used as a valuable basis for decision making in the organisation, with the aim of offering housing, premises and areas with high level of well-being and security.

I would definitely recommend Netigate to other companies.Ā It is a user-friendly tool that I have been very happy with since day one!

Caroline GĆ„rd,Ā Customer Relationship Coordinator at Balder

With Netigate, Balder gets

A platform that enables the company to work with feedback in a centralised way

The opportunity to create tailored surveys depending on needs

Analyses of data and reports

Important insights into customer satisfaction

Increased knowledge and understanding of what is important to the tenants and how they can drive the company's improvement work

Create a survey in minutes

  • Create surveys based on our templates
  • Send surveys via email, links, API or individual logins
  • Analyse responses with filters & AI

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