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About Balder

Balder owns and develops housing and commercial premises in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. They stand for engagement, new thinking and want to be seen as a long term partner regardless relationship; investor, business partner or tenant. Balder creates attractive and safe environments for people living or working in the area.

The Challenge

Balder has approximately 1000 residential properties. Every day a large number of cases from the tenants are registered in their case management system and assigned to janitor or technician for a solution.

  • Due to a large number of cases, it has been difficult to find a time-efficient way handling the feedback management process.
  • As the premises of Balder are geographically spread many people have been involved in the work and a centralized way of working with feedback management hasn’t existed.
  • Measuring customer satisfaction immediately after a case has been solved hasn’t been done earlier and if one has asked for feedback is has been done manually.

The Solution

“The Netigate API gives us the possibility to work with feedback management in a structured and time efficient way. We can act and react immediately to the feedback we get from tenants which help us improve the total service quality”.

  • A user-friendly insight platform where Balder easily could create quick questions used in a centralized way for the whole company.
  • With Netigate API Balder could set up automated, repetitive processes to pass information in and out from their system and the Netigate insight platform.
  • As soon as the case is marked as solved in the case management system the system “calls” Netigate and a survey is automatically sent out to the tenant asking for feedback.
  • When the answers come in they are assigned to different people within the company depending on the satisfaction rate.

The Results

The automated, structured and centralized way asking for feedback has decreased the time spent on surveys with 40%

The response rate has increased by 70% compared to surveys done manually. As the survey is triggered out directly after the case is marked as solved Balder can act immediately to the feedback coming in from the tenant

As they get a larger number of responses they can work long term with the service quality and as the responses come in quick it has led to a total improved service quality